Nathan Barley

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a video blog of Nathan Barley, as we enter his website, He guides us through his website, with features like monkey animations, a diary, pranks, and 'other shit'.
Nathan is the pinnacle of everything cool, or at least he thinks he is. He goes around the city promoting his website by slapping stickers with his site onto people and objects. To keep up with his cool factor, he reads 'Sugar Ape', a magazine targeted to the youth. He particularly pays attention to one article about the 'The Rise of the Idiots' by Dan Ashcroft.
Dan Ashcroft is a writer for 'Sugar Ape', a magazine that incorporates everything he hates, from the material to his co-workers. While buying matches, he comes across Nathan, who takes the moment to advertise his website using a camera phone.
Dan's sister Claire is trying to pitch her documentary about a choir of reformed junkies. Like Dan, she despises the people 'cool'. She soon meets Nathan who offers her film-making resources, including a laptop and an office. However, she hasn't yet realized, or come to know Nathan as the exact person of what she hates.
Dan decides to accept an interview for a competing magazine called 'Weekend on Sunday', in an attempt to escape the idiots at his work. 'Sunday' has been trying to acquire Dan since they think that Dan can make their magazine more youthful, or 'cool'. Unfortunately, the editors of 'Sunday' learn that Dan doesn't know much about things other than pop-culture, the exact things that Dan blames as the cause for the decaying youth. He doesn't get the job, and must return to 'Sugar Ape'.
Claire and Nathan's newly formed relationship seems to be beneficial to both of them. But as Claire's hope returns, Dan's is now almost non-existent.