Nathan Barley

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • The mechanical clock on the wall in Nathan's office is broken throughout the entire series. It displays the same time in every shot that it appears.

    • Trivia: The movie Dan rented from Phatscreen Video is a fictional title.

  • Quotes

    • Nathan: You should come, dollsnatch. It's gonna be total f*cking Mexico.

    • Dan: I am not a 'Preacher Man!'

    • Nathan: You can come. You can come twice. You can come multiple times...yeah.

    • (Loud music playing in nightclub)
      Jones: Hey mate!
      DJ: Yeah!
      Jones: This is shit!
      DJ: What?!
      Jones: You're rubbish!
      DJ: Maximum!

    • Dan: Get me thrown out.
      Bouncer: But you're the star guest.
      Dan: Yeah, well, get these guys to throw me out.
      Bouncer: But they're for trouble makers.
      Dan: Well, I'm a trouble maker!
      Bouncer: No your not.
      (Dan slaps off bouncer's sunglasses)
      Bouncer: That no trouble.

    • Nathan: (singing) Trash...!
      Dan: (reading) So say brother Nathan.

    • Dan: Yeah, but it's just...stupid.
      Jonatton: Stupid people think it's cool, smart people think it's a joke...also cool.

    • Jones: I know, you'll like this's well girly.
      (hands her earphones and screams into microphone)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • MTV
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, MTV (Music Television - 1985) is a cable television network, originally devoted to music videos. MTV later became an outlet for material aimed at adolescents and young adults.

    • Huggy Bear
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, Huggy Bear is an English riot band, formed in 1991 in Brighton. Huggy Bear's members include: Chris, Niki, Jo, Jon and Karen; they refused to be photographed, interviewed, and to give their full names.

    • Stevie Nicks
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks (1948-) is an American singer/songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac.

    • Marlon Brando
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, Marlon Brando (1924–2004) was an American actor who is widely regarded as the greatest film actor of the 20th century. He starred in such films as, A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront.

    • Malcolm X
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, Malcolm X (1925-1965) was a leader in the Black Power movement and became a symbol of a more militant side of the civil rights movement. His name is also the title of the 1992 film about his life.

    • Donnie Darko
      Referenced in Nathan's rap, Donnie Darko (2000) is a psychological science fiction film about a boy named Donnie Darko who, after escaping death, has visions of a giant rabbit named Frank, who predicts when the world will end.

    • Johnny Depp
      Is on the cover of the fictional Sugar Ape magazine poster. Depp (1963-) is a successful American film actor who has starred in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Finding Neverland.

    • Che Guevara
      A picture of Che Guevara is pinned on Dan's cork-board. Che was an Argentinian revolutionary who has become an iconic figure for rebellion in Western Culture.

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