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Small businesses and historians who demand sobriety and accuracy, LOOK OUT! You're both threatened now that Comedy Central has renewed Nathan For You and Drunk History. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both shows will return for their respective third seasons in 2015. 

Nathan For You, which is one of my absolutely favorite shows on television right now, stars Canadian business-school graduate Nathan Fielder and follows him as he consults with small business that are looking to increase their sales and offers "creative"—some might say "stupid"—ideas. Past episodes have seen him convince a frozen yogurt shop to peddle poop-flavored frozen treats and advise a pet store to advertise on a giant tombstone in a pet cemetery. It's absolutely genius. 

Drunk History—which got its start as a Funny or Die web series—features a wasted narrator who recount famous moments in history while incredibly lubed up on the sauce. A rotating cast of today's best comics then reenacts each tale in full costume.  

Nathan For You and Drunk History currently air on Tuesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm, respectively, on Comedy Central. Watch them!

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