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Small businesses, your godsend is back. Comedy Central's Nathan For You was one of the biggest surprises of last year, a series unlike any other on television that combined business advice, horrible ideas, and deadpan delivery for 30 minutes of oddball hilarity. Series star Nathan Fielder would use his (Canadian) business degree to help small business' grow through innovative marketing or stunts (the Dumb Starbucks store was his), and often accidentally stumble on a touching human interest story in the process. 

Fielder is back for Season 2, and it looks every bit as good as Season 1. 

But wait, we have more Nathan for you! Check out this recent interview he did with The New York Times explaining last season's infamous robot-arm sex-offender trick. 

And if you haven't been following Nathan Fielder on Instagram, then you haven't seen how he cleverly snuck in pornographic images into his already funny photos. This man works on layers, dude. 

Season 2 of Nathan For You premieres July 1 on Comedy Central. 

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AIRED ON 12/10/2015

Season 3 : Episode 8

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I'm happy NFY is back, or will be next week. Sadly, that good news is tempered by the also-returning Drunk History, one of the worst things CC has ever aired.
That Instagram thing is hilarious!
Can't wait for Season 2 of the cringiest-in-a-good-way show ever!
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