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ABC (ended 2007)


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  • It's more like 1 vs 200 (double the audience)

    First off, I'm a bingo player who plays @ parlours as well as the Texas Lottery scratchoff game.

    When I saw this show on ABC, it was high time a classic game comes to tv. But the premise is like 1 vs 100, the contestant has to win his/her game before anyone of the 200 studio audience members shouts bingo! If they had Dave Coulier or John Stamos hosting, then NBC would've filed a lawsuit (LOL).

    I wouldn't mind winning anything in this show, even the $5 K-Mart gift card would be nice. Would love to take a trip to the country to use it since big cities don't have them anymore. But I did win on the white card for that Pirates of the Caribbean package.

    Now Patrick Duffy hosts the revised edition on GSN. But the one person I miss is that little referee who cries..."NOOOOOOOOOO BINGO!"
  • The show is good but can get a whole lot better!

    I was really impressed with the bingo night show. I think that it is alot better than some of the other crapy shows you see on TV nowadays. And at least the people at home get to play along instead of just texting a stupid guess for something (like every other show out there). The fan site has a forum where people are arguing whether the show is setup or not. I say it is no more rigged than the lotto and again, at least you get to play along from home.

    My favorite is on the last Friday I got all my co-workers to come over for a nice Bingo Night party. We had a TON of fun, like 15 screaming and yelling at the TV.. crazy.. LOL
  • More cheap mindless programming from network suits...

    Most people actually go out to play Bingo on Friday nights - old people flood local Bingo halls like swarms of locusts and doubt all that all that many of the remaining people will sit at home and watch this. Whats next? National Shuffleboard Night Live from Miami? Network execs make millions thinking this stuff up? Ill do it for half price!

    Judging by last weeks Nielsen ratings Im right.. scores in the 2's - and I doubt old geezers are TIVOing National Bingo Night. Odds are it will end up on the Game Show Network alongside such classics as Captain Kirks "Show Me the Money" - never heard of it? Dont feel bad, neither has anyone else. ...... ......When I get old if you find me in a smoke filled Bingo hall with old ladies screeching BINGO!! - feel free to punch me in the side of the head.
  • this is an interesting idea for the show, eventhough I'm not sure how legit and honest the actual game is.

    I'm still not sure about the show, I was home one day and it was on, and the show idea was good. I like how you can print out the cards and play at home that's pretty cool. It just seemed the games seemed to be a little more for dramtic effect, so it kind of makes people possibly question how legit the game is. I don't think it's rigged but it does seemed slightly tampered with. I think if there is a way that can make it not seem that way then it might be a pretty big hit, especially if people watching at home are also winning money.
  • Thank You for bringing BINGO to our homes!

    For those of us who LOVE BINGO, this couldn't be more perfect, and for those who are not familiar with BINGO, enjoy the ride! This is a great idea for the people who are no longer capable of getting to a bingo hall, or because of the smoking bans in our state, are forcing people to stay home and closing the bingo halls. The National Bingo Night has brought Bingo back and into our HOMES, how perfect is that? There are many of us who are looking forward to Friday nights at 9pm on ABC. I'm also looking forward to yelling - B I N G O !
  • This game is fixed!

    Over the two shows to date I have played over 100 sets of cards and have not gotten the first number under the letter "N". There is no way this is a coincidence! Think about it. On each set of cards you have three boards for each of the three colors, that's 9 chances per set. So in 900 games I have no "N" matches. The odds of this happening by chance are astronomical. It's hard enough to believe you could play 900 games and not have at least one bingo, but I guess that's possible.
    The host is a Howie copycat, the contestants seem phony, and the "Nooo BinKo!" guy comes off like a silly stereotype!
  • Having Mixed thoughts about this show.

    National Bingo Night,
    ABC's second attmept at gameshows since Deal or No deal began will they feal again probably so.Like there last show which had noteable similarities to DOND there isnt that much here.Ed Sanders is the host which is strange because he is he has no hair like Howie and he kepts clasping his hands like Howie.Strange or is it.The show is made up of different games not just the old game that we known to come and love as bingo.It seemed that this show is not on luck because you never know it might be fixed if you notice which ones kept coming out.The Wedding game was to easy.All the games were easy.And the effet of making you dragged into when the people stand up is not what would make somebody interested.The 200 people audoence also plays along trying to nockout or try to get the constants to loose.While at home viewers can win too.Although i cant see how.To rap this up i could tell when they edited.When scences didnt make sence.He hit then it went to host once again talking about how you could win then he hits again.That might be that he diddnt hit or not but i could see they got rid of some of the show.