National Bingo Night

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • More cheap mindless programming from network suits...

    Most people actually go out to play Bingo on Friday nights - old people flood local Bingo halls like swarms of locusts and doubt all that all that many of the remaining people will sit at home and watch this. Whats next? National Shuffleboard Night Live from Miami? Network execs make millions thinking this stuff up? Ill do it for half price!

    Judging by last weeks Nielsen ratings Im right.. scores in the 2's - and I doubt old geezers are TIVOing National Bingo Night. Odds are it will end up on the Game Show Network alongside such classics as Captain Kirks "Show Me the Money" - never heard of it? Dont feel bad, neither has anyone else. ...... ......When I get old if you find me in a smoke filled Bingo hall with old ladies screeching BINGO!! - feel free to punch me in the side of the head.