National Geographic Channel MegaStructures

Season 3 Episode 1

Berlin Wall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on National Geographic

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  • Excellent show depicting what undesirable governments will go to to underscore how much they value thier citizenship, yet treat them with disdain and go to great extents to keep them in slavery with mental and physical harm for trying to leave.

    This show depicts the struggles that many in post war East Germany, given to a communist regime who can only force its citizenship to accept its oppressive government. This by building a super wall with all the bells and whistles to keep its inhabitants from not only going over the wall, but under the wall as well in order to find a better life. The show depicts the increasing determination by the East German government to stop a hemmoraging of thier citizenship to a progressive and changed West Germany. A True testament to the ineffectiveness of a mechanical government who has no regard for its own citizens.