National Geographic Channel MegaStructures

Season 3 Episode 14

Science of Bricks

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on National Geographic

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  • the best programme

    I am study to be a construction architect for 3 years and all the time I watched your programmes.they are very informative,interesting and fulfill my needs in knowledge about constructions all over the favorite programmes are science of bricks,concrete, would be nice to see more programmes about different construction materials.i taped almost all programmes about megastructures,sometimes I watch with my frends taped programme and we discusse how big and imazing costruction world,imazing engeneers and architects,who disigned and build bridges,skyscrapers,towers.thouse series help me alot in my education and yesterday,after watching Science of bricks,I decided to pick up that subject for my dissertation,so exiting I was about it!