National Geographic Channel MegaStructures - Season 2

Wednesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Oct 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Mega Ship
    Mega Ship
    Episode 26
    The episodes documents the 134,000 ton Mega Ship's voyage through the pirate infested waters of the Singapore and Malacca Straits carrying millions of dollars of precious cargo. From the bridge to the engine room, Megastructures follow Captain Llewellyn as he guides his ship to the port of Singapore.
  • World's Tallest Bridge (Millau Bridge)
    It is the world's tallest bridge, at 343 m tall at its highest pillar, the Millau Viaduct in Southern France is almost a third taller than any other bridge in the world. A freeway in the sky, the bridge crosses the river Tarn in France and can save travelers almost an hour of travel between France and the Mediterranean. It also removes the traffic congestion once faced in the town of Millau. The episode documents the difficulties that the crew had to face, and the challenging processes that were used in its construction. The documentary contains a few words from the mayor of Millau, Jacques Godfrain, the bridge architect, Norman Foster, and designer, Michel Virlogeux.moreless
  • Cosmodrome
    Episode 24
  • Ultimate Oil Rigs
    Ultimate Oil Rigs
    Episode 23
    The dwindling energy supplies have forced oil companies to set up their oil rigs in some of the harshest environments on the globe. Ultimate Oil Rigs introduces viewers to the Noble Piet, an oil rig built to withstand the fury of the natural elements of the North Sea. The episodes follows the roughnecks as they drill for natural gases deep under the ocean bed. As well as follow the crew of Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore in the designing and building of 23 rigs within 2 years.moreless
  • Boston's Big Dig
    Boston's Big Dig
    Episode 22
    'National Geographic Channel MegaStructures' takes a look at the construction history of Boston Big Dig project. Costing almost 15 billion dollars and taking almost 20 yrs to complete, the Boston's Big Dig is considered to be the most complex, expensive, and technically challenging civil engineering public works project in the United States. The project was inspired by Fred Salvucci, the Transportation Commissioner to the Mayor of Boston, who wanted to find a solution to the city’s traffic woes. He came up with an idea to link up the major sectors of the city with a system of wide underground tunnels for traffic. Consisting of 4 elements, a tunnel under the harbor, an underground connection to the Interstate 90, an underground traffic system under the city itself to replace the elevated city highway, and a wide cable-stayed bridge to replace the old double-decked bridge. The episode looks at the many obstacles that were faced in the construction, from water leaks to residential protest. The episode also contains brief words from some of the major people involved in the project.moreless
  • Berlin's Grand Central (Berlin Train Terminal)
    Berlin’s new train terminal is designed to be constructed almost entirely out of glass and is being rushed to completion before the World Cup 2006, when millions of soccer fans will be expected to visit Berlin. Megastructures documents the historical feat when two daring teams attempt a feat never before accomplished in construction history; the tipping of two bridges over the roof of the glass station. Already costing 4 billion dollars, almost 5 years in construction delays, over budget, and with the architect suing the developers for cutting corners, will the terminal be ready before the dateline?moreless
  • Norad
    Episode 20
  • Ultimate Roller Coaster
    The episode follows the construction process of the 25 million dollar Kingda Ka Roller Coaster being built by Six Flags. Constructed under secrecy, the 139m tall roller coaster will be the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world when completed, breaking the Dragster’s record. The documentary includes brief comments from Project Engineer, Jeff Glinter, and Chief Corporate Engineer, Larry Chickola. And explains how the Kingda Ka utilises a hydraulic launch system to launch riders to a speed of 206km/h in 3 seconds.moreless
  • Ultimate Casino
    Ultimate Casino
    Episode 18
    The Venetian in Las Vegas is the ultimate casino. Dreamed up and owned by Sheldon Adelson, the Venetian replicates the beautiful Venice in Italy. Megastructures looks at how this Las Vegas hotel and casino was built. The documentary includes brief comments from the Venetian's Theme Design Director, Robert Hlusack.
  • USS Virginia
    USS Virginia
    Episode 17
    The USS Virginia is the US newest class of attack submarines. Built as a more cost effective submarine than the old Seawolf class, the new submarine is also faster to build. The supersub is equipped with a nuclear powered reactor, advanced spying abilities to see and hear better, auto-navigation systems, various ballistic missiles and torpedoes, has stealth capabilities, is able to deploy navy seals, and can remain motionless in the waters for 3 months. The episode looks at the history of the USS Virginia. It looks at how Electric Boat first began the use of 3D computer aided designs to develop the designs for the new class of attack submarine, their joint cooperation with Northrop to manufacture the submarine, and the vital training that the submarine crew is subjected to.moreless
  • World's Biggest Airliner (Airbus A380)
    It is the largest passenger plane ever built and it is a 12 billion dollar investment. The episode documents the history of the Airbus A380, from its design concept, its interior features, the precision manufacturing, the logistics, the final assembly and its final maiden flight.
  • North Branch Correctional Facility (Hi-tech Prison)
    To be completed by 2007, Maryland’s North Branch Correctional Institution will be one of the world’s most hi-tech prisons. The design and construction of the facility and some of the improved security features installed are explored in this episode.
  • Mega Plane (Air Force Transport)
    The episode profiles the C-5 Galaxy, one of the largest aircrafts in the world, and the operations of the crew of the mega-plane. The episode includes a look at how the C-5 Galaxy transports military equipment over to the troops in Iraq from America's Dover Air Force Base.
  • Super Port (Port of Rotterdam)
    The Port of Rotterdam is a marine freeway and one of the busiest ports. And on this particular day, the Harbour Control's skills and machines are put to the test when three most challenging ships in the world: 'The Berge Star', 'The Savana Express' and 'The Mighty Servant III', respectively known as 'The Mega Deep', 'The Mega Wide' and 'The Mega Tall' are received.moreless
  • Indy Motor Speedway
    Indy Motor Speedway
    Episode 12
  • Impossible Islands (Dubai's Palm Island)
    MegaStructures looks at how one of Dubai's greatest engineering marvels came to be. Examining the Palm-Jumeira Island from its design to its method of construction, the documentary also lists the problems faced in its construction. Like the effects from the September 11 fears to corrosion and weather.
  • North Sea Wall
    North Sea Wall
    Episode 10
    A historic and present look at Holland's efforts to hold on to their precious land from floods as a result of rising sea levels and climate changes. After a storm in 1916, the Dutch began a labor intensive construction of a Barrier Dam in 1923, stretching 30 km in length. It resulted in the reclamation of 165,000 ha of new land, and creation of a fresh water lake. However, in 1953, a combination of a hurricane and high spring tides caused the North Sea waters to force through the barrier and flood the Dutch coastline, resulting in the loss of over 1,800 lives and 47,000 livestock. The disaster resulted in Holland's creation of the 'Delta Project'. Costing billions of dollars, the project began in 1958. The project consisted of the construction of concrete dams, steel sea walls and retractable floodgates. Environmental considerations also led to the construction of the storm surge barrier in the Eastern Scheldt, one of the biggest in the world. It consists of 2 floating gates built on special docks. The vast gates are controlled by a computer system that allows the gates to be kept open but closes when a flood is imminent. Also presented are current emergency plans that include allocation of certain areas of land to be flooded during worse case flooding..moreless
  • Sea Launch
    Sea Launch
    Episode 9
    A satellite delivered by a rocket that is launched from the earth’s equator instead of any other place, can have its lifespan extended for as much as 3 years. This would mean huge savings for the companies that own these satellites. Thus the Sea Launch was constructed. The Sea Launch is made up of 2 megastructures, a floating launch pad called the Odyssey and a shipping vessel called the Commander. The episode gives a brief history of the construction, the successes and the failures of the Sea Launch.moreless
  • Ekati Diamond Mine (Diamond Diggers)
    Located near Lac De Gras, Canada’s Northwest Territories, lies Canada’s first diamond mine, the Ekati Diamond Mine. The episode examines 3 mega machines utilized in the extraction and transportation of diamonds deep in the frozen rock in the remote tundra: the D90 rotary blast drill, the DeMag 655 hydraulic shovel and the CAT 793C haul truck.moreless
  • Black Gold (Oil Mine)
    Located in Alberta, Canada is the world’s largest known single deposit of oil worth trillions of dollars. However, the oil is trapped in a complex mixture of sand, water and clay, and the cost of extracting the fuel from the soil will cost billions. The episode profiles the competition between the Syncrude and the Shell Oil companies to extract the black gold. It looks at the various mega machines and systems that are used to extract, transport and the process used to separate the oil from the sand.moreless
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    Episode 6
  • Tau Tona - City Of Gold
    Located near Johannesburg, South Africa, the Tau Tona is a gold mine. The Tau Tona is the main economic life blood of Johannesburg, supplying half the world’s gold needs. It is the deepest and largest working mine in the world. Its main shaft is 3.6 km deep and consists of 800 km of tunneling. This episode gives viewers a tour of the dynamic systems involved in maintaining a working environment deep in the earth. It also provides a glimpse of what life as a mine worker is like in Tau Tona. Risking heat exhaustion, and with 10 earthquakes a day, the miners work through narrow tunnels to extract gold from a 25 cm thick gold vein.moreless
  • World's Busiest Port
    Megastructure takes viewers on an inside look at how the Port of Singapore is able to move a third of the world's trade through the use of shipping and high-tech mega-systems.
  • Inside The Pentagon
    Cameras are taken inside the Pentagon for a rare look at the usual going ons in the Pentagon, and a look at how the important meetings might be conducted. High ranking military officials and politicians also share their feelings about the Pentagon.
  • Alcatraz
    Episode 2
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Golden Gate Bridge
    Episode 1
    In 1906, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 rocked San Francisco. An earthquake of similar or greater proportions is expected to occur in San Francisco again, and soon. The episode takes a look at the efforts that are being made to retrofit and strengthen America’s most recognized bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, before the next big earthquake happens. It also gives a brief history about the construction of the suspension bridge, and the people who were involved in its construction.moreless