National Geographic Channel Seconds From Disaster

Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jul 06, 2004 In Season


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  • Pentagon 9/11 - Propaganda Report

    The Pentagon 9/11 episode is American propaganda at it's finest!

    Where were the fuselage, the engines, the rear tail?

    Prove to me, that a plane actually hit the Pentagon...

    Oh, that's right the FBI confiscated all known video's - and then released "3 frames"...

    Not 3 seconds of footage - 3 frames!

    You should all hang your heads in shame National Geographic!
  • Chicago air crash

    Why in the advertisements for this program do you show images of Pan Am 103 Lockerbie the plane is a 747 but Chicago flight is a DC10
  • Learn from Mistakes to Avoid possible Crisis!

    There are many disasters had happened but as the time goes by, people seem to forget past mistakes and possible to repeat the same failures. "National Geographic Channel Seconds From Disaster" is the great show that brought up memories of remarkable tragedies around the world.

    There are lots of episodes that explained and showed that just small "Human Error" could cause huge significant tragedies. Anyway, it was good to know that we have learned from earlier mistakes and tried to avoid likely repeating disasters. I am looking forward to see more episodes from this show and I hope National Geographic will keep producing more excellent documentaries.
  • There have been copies but the original continues to deliver great shows.

    I frequently find myself asking, "why have I never heard about this disaster," after I watch and episode. I guess since many of them didn't happen in America or to Americans it didn't get the news time. Anyway, the natural disaster episodes are generally weaker than the human caused disasters. I guess it's because there isn't the "what bad luck all those little things went wrong," aspect to the story. There also isn't the cliffhanger of the investigation. The disasters are always tragic and the investigations often groundbreaking. I guess they may never run out of tragic disasters to do these stories on but I continue to be impressed with the quality of the stories and the depth of the coverage into the investigations. And I've learned never to disable a safety interlock.
  • National Geographic Channel’s Seconds From Disaster is a informative series that takes apart a series of events that link up to form a chain of events that in the long run causes disasters.

    National Geographic Channel’s Seconds From Disaster is a informative series that takes apart a series of events that link up to form a chain of events that in the long run causes disasters. It breaks the show into two parts, the first part tells the disaster how it happen, after that the show goes into the investigation of the disaster.
    The reason why I like this series is because it deals with infamously disasters world-wide and while a good majority of the disasters that are featured in this series are one that heard of it, there are others that I haven’t heard of. No matter if they are one that I have heard of or haven’t heard of it I still find each one interesting with the fact that some of these disasters haven’t during my life time despite the fact that some of them are ones that I have never heard about.
    The computer graphics that are used to show how the disasters took place are pretty good despite the fact that a good majority of them are a wire frame appearance to them. While the appearance of them look like it wasn’t done by a professional, it dose it job, by showing you via graphics how the disasters happen.
    Even the experts that are used in this series explain what happen in a certain disaster don’t used huge technically terms that only they would know what they were saying. They used everyday terms that a normal person would understand.
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