National Geographic Channel Specials - Season 3

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  • Wild City: Spain Wild!
    Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost province has various landscapes that evocate heaven and hell. Due to different frequency of rainfalls in various regions, the west side has wetlands while the east is one of Europe’s driest regions.
  • Flooded Desert
    Flooded Desert
    Episode 102
  • The Great Thirstland
    The Great Thirstland
    Episode 101
  • Lost Fighter Planes
    Lost Fighter Planes
    Episode 100
    Featuring an interview with World War II fighter pilot Sergeant Ray Holmes, now 89 years old. The documentary special also follows the story of aviation enthusiast, Christopher Bennet in his investigation and possible location of the remains of the sergeant's downed plane.
  • The Blue Realm: Shark Business
    Exploring the myths surrounding dangerous sharks and learning of how scuba divers have become unlikely allies in the effort to conserve these creatures.
  • Gates Of Hell
    Gates Of Hell
    Episode 98
  • Martial Arts Taekwando: Reflections Of A Korean Spirit
  • Martial Arts: Muay Thai
  • Martial Arts: Karate
    A female martial artist travels to Okinawa to train in the original form of karate.
  • Martial Arts: Myths And Logic Of Shaolin Kung Fu
    Enter the Shaolin Temple and observe the monk's training session and learn why it takes more than just learning a few kicks and punches to become a shaolin master.
  • Martial Arts: The Kung Fu Dragons Of Wudang
    Follow Jade Dragon, Dutiful Dragon and Little Dragon, 3 young apprentice who have come to Mount Wudang to learn China's most famous martial arts kungfu.
  • Nature's War Zone
    Nature's War Zone
    Episode 92
    Every year, the Pacific green turtles must come to the Raine Island to nest. But facing them are the dangerous tiger sharks.
  • Tombs Below Aruba
    Tombs Below Aruba
    Episode 91
    Featuring Tsavo National Park’s giant dung beetles, the documentary special looks at the life of these beetles, from when they first break from their underground tombs below the plains of Aruba, Kenya, their journey in search of elephant dung for food, their mating, and to the laying of their eggs.
  • Shark Quest
    Shark Quest
    Episode 90
    Australians Rob Torelli and Mark Priests take viewers on a journey into the waters of Australia and South Africa, to get a close and personal look at the great white sharks and to also capture images of many rare and unusual marine lives.
  • Wild City: Wild Rio
    Wild City: Wild Rio
    Episode 89
    The documentary special follows the story of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and looks at how the city’s diverse wild life, from exquisite birds and butterflies to monkeys and penguins affects the people who live there.
  • Abdi's Story: Return To Africa
    Abdi Jama, a former camel herder, returns to Africa after 20 years away from home, to film a documentary about the animals of the Okavango delta. For over five years, Abdi captures the dramatic tales of the Okavango's leopards, lions and elephants.
  • Zambezi Troop
    Zambezi Troop
    Episode 87
    The documentary special delves into the complex social structure and hierarchy of the baboon.
  • The Mighty Civet
    The Mighty Civet
    Episode 86
    Naturalist, Jack West, travels from Melborne, Australia to the rainforest of Sulawesi, Indonesia, in a mission to save the mighty civet from extinction.
  • Capturing The Killer Croc
    Over the past ten years, 300 people have disappeared from the Burundi shorelines of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. Fingers are pointed to a loose killer crocodile named Gustave, as the culprit.
  • Cheetahs: Tale Of 2 Kitties
    In the virgin territory of Kenya, near the border of Tanzania, an endangered cheetah named Salama, fights for her cubs survival.
  • Dream Jets: Episode 2
  • Dream Jets: Episode 1
  • Battle Of X-planes: Episode 2
    The prototype x-planes are put on their first test flights including verticle takeoffs, 360 degree midair turns, and verticle landings. Boeing's x-plane faces some unexpected problems with it's verticle landings.
    The victor of the trillion dollars contract is finally announced.
  • Battle Of X-planes: Episode 1
    Watch two leading aviation giants compete to win the US's largest government contract ever awarded estimated to be about one trillion dollars. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are challenged to design and produce a prototype X-fighter plane that can match the criterias that the military have set. Check out both of their new stealth fighter planes.moreless
  • Perfect Mothers Perfect Predators
    Follow Fundi the cheetah and Deedaji the leopard, as they care and protect their cubs in the harsh African environment.
  • Giant Otters
    Giant Otters
    Episode 78
    At Rupunni River in Southern Guyana, lies a sanctuary that runs through an estate belonging to a British woman by the name of Dianne McTurk, a woman who is devoted to protecting and caring of the giant otters and cubs that have been captured and abandoned by local indians.
  • The Dark Side Of Chimps
    In a village in western Uganda, the villages were terrorised by a rogue chimp they nicknamed "Saddam" in 1995. "Saddam" was later hunted down and killed by the angry villages. But now in a village around neighboring Lake Kifruka, a similar terror is wrecking havoc. The documentary special investigates the possible causes that compels these chimps to these attacks.moreless
  • Global Wolf
    Global Wolf
    Episode 76
    Considered as one of the most successful and widespread carnivores, the wolf is featured in this documentary special.
  • The New Chimpanzees
    The New Chimpanzees
    Episode 75
  • The Real Fight Club
    The Real Fight Club
    Episode 74
    The documentary special looks at the ocean creatures that venture into the harsh seas of Pantagonia on the South American Coast to breed.
  • Spinner Dolphins
    Spinner Dolphins
    Episode 73
    This episode examines the unique behaviours of the Spinner Dolphins in Brazil.
  • Women of K2
    Women of K2
    Episode 72
  • Battle For the Beaches
  • Russia's Last Tsar
    Russia's Last Tsar
    Episode 70
  • Korubo: First Contact
    Deep in the Amazon rain forest lies the secluded village of the Korubo Indians. Sydney Bosswello, Brazil's most famous Indian tracker has spent 4 decades understanding and protecting the culture of these natives from loggers, drug-runners, gold panners, and the ever encroaching world outside. The episode documents Sydney's attempts to communicate and befriend the native indians of the Javari Valley.moreless
  • Crocodiles: Here Be Dragon
  • Porpoises: Life & Death in the Fast Lane
    The harbour porpoise is one of the smallest cetaceans compared to other cetaceans like the whales and dolphins. Once a common sight among the coast of the northern hemisphere, they are now an endangered species and are in need of rescue.
  • Green Car
    Green Car
    Episode 66
    Kamal Sidhu and Hayden Turner introduces viewers to a range of eco-friendly cars. Hayden tests out these cars to give viewers a look at what they think is hot and what's not. Some of the cars that are introduced are Toyota's hybrid Prius, Honda's solar manufactured hydrogen fuel cell car, and many others.moreless
  • Great White, Deep Trouble
    On the 25th anniversary of the movie 'Jaws', it's author Peter Benchley, returns to the deep waters with photographer David Doubilet, to look at the now endangered Great White Shark.
  • Tiwai: Island of The Apes
    In an island on a remote river of West Africa, lives a variety of forest animals whom the natives consider to be sacred because they believe their ancestors are reincarnated into these creatures. Among them, the chimpanzees are considered the most precious. And the Tiwai island is the last refuge for these endangered apes. The documentary investigates the reasons why the island remains relatively untouched.moreless
  • Honey Badger: The Meanest Animal In The World
    After many years of filming, Simon Trevor provides an intimate record into what is considered to be the world's most meanest animal, the Honey Badger, in it's natural habitat in Kenya.
  • Dinosaur Hunters
    Dinosaur Hunters
    Episode 62
    At the Gobi's desolate landscapes of Mongolia, renowned paleontologists Mike Novacek and Mark Norell returns to one of the most important dinosaur fossil sites in the world to make some important discoveries.
  • Super Predators
    Super Predators
    Episode 61
    Paleontologist Steve Wroe views prehistoric Australia as a harsh world dominated by a whole range of toothed and clawed creatures known as Super Predators. Using modern forensic techniques and computer aided graphics, Wroe attempts to prove his theory.
  • Return to Titanic
    Return to Titanic
    Episode 60
    Dr. Robert Ballad, the first explorer to have found the Titanic wreck, returns in June 2004 to examine the current conditions of the sunken ship.
  • The Lost Film of Dian Fossey
    Hours of never-before-seen footage of Dian Fossey, author of "Gorillas in the Mist", studying and working with mountain gorillas has been found. It was filmed by Bob Campbell, the wildlife photographer and filmmaker whose footage and photographs propelled Dian and the mountain gorillas into the international spotlight. This documentary special shows highlights from these previously unreleased footage.moreless
  • Talon: An Eagles Story
  • Alien Underworld: The Secrets Of The Nanobes
    Philippa Uwins, a young Australian geologist, has made one of the most significant biological discoveries of the last 100 years: The nanobes. Ten times smaller than any living creature. It has an appetite for plastic and may have decendents from Mars.
  • In Search of the Jaguar
    A documentary special about the lives of a jaguar and Dr Alan Rabinowitz, a Brooklyn-born scientist who survived a troubled childhood to make understanding and saving the big cat his life's work.
  • Secret World of Bats
  • Puma: Lion of the Andes
    Wildlife film-maker Hugh Miles spends two years at the southern tip of South America, across the plains of Patagonia, documenting the life of a female puma and her growing cubs.
  • Secret Killers Of Monterey Bay
    Marine biologist Nancy Black investigates the declining population of Killer Whales.
  • Ultimate Enemies
    Ultimate Enemies
    Episode 52
  • The Whale Induna
    The Whale Induna
    Episode 51
    A documentary true story about a South African Fisherman named Peter Esterhuizen, and his effort to rescue the giant Southern Right Whales of the Cape coast.
  • Walking With Lions
    Walking With Lions
    Episode 50
    In Northern Zimbabwe, during the 8 month dry season, herds of thirsty animals flock to the spring in their thousands. But they must also walk among the pack of lions headed by a male lion named Kavingo. These lions have made the spring area their hunting ground.
  • Cave Mummies Of The Philippine
  • Tarantula
    Episode 48
    Revered by the Piaroa Indians who live in the central region of Venezuela, near the Colombian and Brazilian borders; the giant tarantula is also regarded as a native delicacy. The population of these spiders are however not threatened by the Indians as they only take what they need.
  • Last Feast of the Crocodiles
    During one of Africa's harsh season, the Luvuvhu River draws some of the most magnificent creatures to it's shrinking pools, and into the waiting jaws of hungry crocodiles.
  • Fear Of Snakes
    Fear Of Snakes
    Episode 46
  • Devils of the Deep
    Devils of the Deep
    Episode 45
    Deep in the blue waters of Mexico's Gulf of California, lies large and ravenous predators that the natives call diablos rojos, or "red devils". These predators are Humboldt, or Jumbo squid and have in recent years, been appearing and disappearing from the waters. A scientist is on a mission to uncover the mysterious migration patterns of these gigantic squids.moreless
  • Ghosts of the Cannibal Islands
    It's a voyage of discovery, meeting the local people, exploring pristine fauna, and delving into enormous underground caverns of the volcanic islands east of Papua New Guinea.
  • Chesapeake Born
    Chesapeake Born
    Episode 43
    A documentary special about the Chesapeake Bay. The bay is a commercial highway, wildlife sanctuary, and a vacation playground. And a home to the people who live on the Bay's islands and make their living from the Atlantic Blue Crab.
  • Cats: Caressing the Tiger
  • The Rhino War
    The Rhino War
    Episode 41
    Game rangers and conservationist wage a war against heavily armed poachers who are seeking to profit from the hunting of black rhinos in Africa.
  • Snake Paradise
    Snake Paradise
    Episode 40
    Boaz Shacam travels to Israel in search of the country's rarest, deadliest and most misunderstood snakes. And highlights the current research and the people involved.
  • Nights with Leopards
    Filmmaker John Varty, joined by city slicker Gillan van Houton and African tracker Elmon Mhlongo, follow a mother leopard and her cubs in their daily lifes in Savanna. Their night time hunts and daytime antics are documented as well as the frequent dangers that the leopard family has to face.
  • Search For the Great Apes
  • Nature World of Mitsuake Iwago: Face to Face with the Ice Bear
  • Samurai: Behind the Blade
  • Nature's Fury
    Nature's Fury
    Episode 35
    In Nature's Fury, the powerful forces of nature are explored with the help of personal accounts from witnesses and remarkable footage of the devastating effects of these disasters.
  • My Favourite Monkey
    My Favourite Monkey
    Episode 34
    Considered to be one of the most talented and adaptable primate groups on the planet, the macaque is the first primates in space and the first monkeys to be genetically engineered. And because of their human-like characteristics, they make ideal subjects for scientific studies.
  • Seabiscuit: American Experience
    A documentary special about a stocky, dung-colored, knobby-kneed racehorse named Seabiscuit that won the attention of the nation during the Great Depression.
    Contains archival footage of Seabiscuit's major races. Plus commentaries by those who knew his owner, trainer, and jockeys.
     The documentary animates Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend.moreless
  • Volcano Hunters
    Volcano Hunters
    Episode 32
  • Tempest from the Deep
  • Bilby Brothers: The Man Who Killed The Easter Bunny
    Join Peter McRae and Frank Manthey as they try to establish a bilby sanctuary at Currawinya National Park in southern Queensland, Australia.
  • Valley of 10,000 Smokes
  • The Greatest Flight
    The Greatest Flight
    Episode 28
  • Patanal Coybow
    Patanal Coybow
    Episode 27
    The documentary looks at the lifes of Brazil's Patanal Coybows. For hundreds of years, the cowboys have earned a living and shaped a culture against the backdrops of a wetland wilderness. But due to modernisation, the introduction of technology and newly enacted environmental protections, the lifestyle of these cowboys is under pressure to change.moreless
  • Tsunami: Killer Wave
  • Camels' Empire
    Camels' Empire
    Episode 25
  • The Tick and the Bird
    Based on scientific research and fact, this documentary tells the story of the migration of the flea and it's new habitat among the birds on the land of Crozet. The documentary special was filmed by a team during 4 months in the French Southern Territories, and digital images of the flea was created through computer graphics.moreless
  • Giant Pandas: The Last Refuge
  • Tides of War
    Tides of War
    Episode 22
    Tides of War revolves around two annual tides in Serengeti: the flash flooding of the seasonal Grumeti River and the migration of the wildebeast herds.
  • Bridge on the River Kwai
    During World War II, Allied POWs were forced by Japanese Soldiers to work on the construction of the Thailand to Burma railway which included the Bridge on the River Kwai. The prisoners worked under savage conditions and only with basic tools.
    Based on witness testimonies and photographic evidence, the documentary tries to answer the questions as to how this feat of engineering was built. The documentary special also tells of the developement of America's first precision guided muniton, the' Azon' bomb, and how it was used to destroy the bridge.moreless
  • Diamonds of War
    Diamonds of War
    Episode 20
    National Geographic correspondent Dominic Cunningham-Reid exposes how 'Blood diamonds' make their way to the legitimate diamond trade from the diamond-rich West African nation of Sierra Leone. And speaks with pit miners, government officials, traders, and smugglers to reveal the harsh reality behind these illicit diamond trade.
  • The Ant that Ate America
    It's possibly America's most hated insect, the Red Imported Fire Ants. And America has declared war on this menace that has plagued the South Eastern regions of America. The documentary special reveals the casualties of that war, and the weapons used on both sides.
  • Realm of the Dead
    Realm of the Dead
    Episode 18
  • Stalking Leopards
    Stalking Leopards
    Episode 17
  • Mosquito Hell
    Mosquito Hell
    Episode 16
    Jake Willers and mosquito expert, Dr. Nigel Hill travel around the world to investigate whether it may be ancient cultures and local discoveries that may hold the key to controling an ancient killer, the mosquito.
  • Stonehenge Rediscovered
  • Realm of the Mugger Crocodiles
  • Incredible Human Body
    The documentary is a remake of a classic documentary special brought up-to-date with breakthrough photography and cutting edge science. The special focuses on the drama of a week in the life a top research hospital.
  • Foxes of the Kalahari
    NGC follows the life and perils of the bat-eared foxes of the Kalahari Desert.
  • Sea of Snakes
    Sea of Snakes
    Episode 11
  • Flight over Africa
    Flight over Africa
    Episode 10
  • Science of Seduction
  • Mission: Mars
    Mission: Mars
    Episode 8
  • The Ultimate Crocodile
    Considered to be one of the world's most feared predator, the mighty Nile crocodile is observed to be making a comeback.
  • Vampire from the Abyss
  • Inside Mecca
    Inside Mecca
    Episode 5
    This documentary special follows the haj pilgrimage of three muslims of different nationality and race. Fidelma O’Leary, an Irish muslim, faces moments where her fellow pilgrims have difficulty accepting her as a peer. Ismail Mahbob, a successful Malaysian businessman who must leave family and material comforts in exchange for the austere lifestyle of a pilgrim. And Khalil Mandhlazi, a South African who finds that there is economic and racial discord even in Mecca.moreless
  • Yankee Sails Across Europe
    Yankee Sails Across Europe documents about the famed vessels that made their voyage across the European waters.
  • Attacks of the Mystery Shark
    Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, embarks on a worldwide investigation to reveal the secret lives of sharks, shed light on recent shark attacks in the East Coast, and investigate the first recorded shark attacks in North American history.
  • Dolphins: The Wild Side
  • Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
    Howard Hall gives viewers an underwater look at the marine life among the sea beds of the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, St. Croix, Dominica, and Belize.
  • The Dragons of Galápagos
    Filmmakers David Parer and Elizabeth Parer-Cook documents the lifes of the land and marine iguanas that make their home in a land containing some of the most active volcanoes in the world.
  • Touch, The Forgotten Sense
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