National Geographic Channel Specials

Season 3 Episode 52

Ultimate Enemies

Aired Unknown Unknown on CBS

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  • The most bizarre nature documentary EVER. Just jaw droppingly surreal.

    If T.S. Elliot took a large quantity of hallucinogenic drugs and then wrote an episode of 'Mutual of Omaha' from the point of view of the animal that Jim just shot with the tranquilizer gun, it still wouldn't be as bizarre as this.

    True, the sucessful documentarist should attempt to empathize and inhabit the mind of it's subject, but its hard to maintain a straight face when told that the lion is thinking "The tracks of which gods are those walking inside me? ... and which is my map of blood?" Gee, lions are deep. And verbose.

    As the narrator says, "Who made this place? Who tuned this instrument?"

    Who wrote this surreal dialogue?

    Sure to attain cult status.