National Geographic: Dinosaurs Unearthed

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National Geographic: Dinosaurs Unearthed

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National Geographic: Dinosaurs Unearthed is the documentary series that takes a look back to the world of the Dinosaurs, through the stories of two landmark discoveries. In the documentary Dino Death Trap, the National Geographic team looks at a massive find in China. The site was found in China's Gobi Desert, where huge amounts of dinosaur bones were found. The bones were found overlaying each other in a single location, and the huge find even led to discovering several new species. This Jurassic graveyard also led scientists to believe that the find supported the theory that a catastrophic disaster killed the animals. In Dino Autopsy, we get an inside look at one of the most complete and well-preserved dinosaur fossils. The mummified specimen had been preserved with skin and tissue still intact after 70 million years. The unearthing of the fossil provides a rare look into how the creatures lived, looked, and moved. Join in as two of the most fascinating finds in dinosaur research are examined further on National Geographic: Dinosaurs Unearthed.moreless

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