National Geographic Sharks

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National Geographic Sharks

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National Geographic Sharks is a thrilling and educational examination of the world's most fearsome aquatic predators. Humans have had a morbid fascination with sharks for centuries; this interest has steadily increased over the past forty years, since the publication of the seminal novel "Jaws." National Geographic Sharks helps separate the facts from the fiction, and gives viewers an up close and personal look into many fascinating shark species. The series covers many diverse types of shark, including the dreaded Great White, the deadly Bull, the odd-looking Hammerhead and the huge but gentle Whale Shark. Audiences will be captivated by rare and exclusive footage of these majestic and terrifying fish, and will learn many fascinating facts about their behavior and live cycles. National Geographic Sharks aims to point out misinformation and educate viewers so that they will have a more accurate understanding of the vital role sharks play in marine ecosystems.

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AIRED ON 4/19/2010

Season 1 : Episode 7

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