National Velvet - Season 2

NBC (ended 1962)


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Episode Guide

  • The Clown
    The Clown
    Episode 26
    Flynn the Magic Clown meets Donald in a old Railroad Car. Flynn wants to live in a RR. Herbert and the RR Man get into a fight over the land.
  • Ede's Bombshell
    Ede's Bombshell
    Episode 25
    Morton comes to visit, very lazy nephew of Homer's wife. Finally King scares him so bad he starts running, proving his leg is OK.
  • The Rumor
    The Rumor
    Episode 24
    Velvet and Mi start a rumor to correct another rumor which said Sam Watkins (the Farrier) injured King.
  • Mi's Citizenship
    Mi's Citizenship
    Episode 23
    Mi needs to pass his citizenship test. Mi is accused of stealing, a felony in England. They are investigating and want to deport Mi. Mi thinks Herbert does not trust him. Mi decides to leave the Brown's. It turns out there were two Michael Taylors in England. Mi passes his test!moreless
  • The Rogue Horse
    The Rogue Horse
    Episode 22
    While out driving Homer finds a horse that looks like King. Velvet is out riding King and she also she's the wild horse. Velvet wants to save the horse from all the people trying to catch it. Velvet gets a closer look at the horse and sees that it has been beaten. Quincy follows Velvet around to leave traps trying to catch the horse.moreless
  • Jeopardy
    Episode 21
    While Martha is in town taking care of Donald, Edwina is trying to do all the work around the house. Teddy calls and distracts Edwina, when a man comes looking to pick up a horse. Edwina thinks it is the Club picking up King when it is the meat packers. Hr. Herly the owner of the packing house decides to keep King. Herbert and Edwina go looking for King and Mr. Herly tells them King has already gone. Velvet finds out that Edwina made a mistake and tells her she hates her.moreless
  • The Feud
    The Feud
    Episode 20
    Herbert and Homer get into a feud when one of Herbert's cows is shot by hunters on Homer's property. Homer and Herbert start fighting over land useage. Homer gets caught in a tree by a tame bear. The bear's name is Daisy.
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 19
    While John is given a riding lesson by Mi, Alvie shows up and challenges John to a race. Alvie's horse is Duke Simon. John is riding Green Devil, a retired steeplechaser. Mi tells John's mother that the horse is dangerous. Velvet lets John ride King in the race and John loses. Velvet races Alvie and beats him.moreless
  • The Star
    The Star
    Episode 18
    Edwina gets to play Juliet in the school play. Velvet has to teach King to pull a cart.
  • The Scandal
    The Scandal
    Episode 17
    A classmate of Edwina steals $25.00 from the Class Memorial Fund and then goes to Edwina for help in replacing the money. Edwina loans her the $25.00. Then Edwina takes the pick up without permission to drive Betty to the school to replace the money. Herbert calls and asks Mi to bring the pickup. Velvet goes looking for Edwina when she does not come home with the pickup. Edwina ends up at the police station, speeding and driving without a license. Edwina will not tell what really happened because she promised Betty. Betty shows up in court to tell what happened.moreless
  • Martha's Beau
    Martha's Beau
    Episode 16
    Edgar Torrance and Martha went to school together. Herbert is jealous. Edgar works for the newspaper.
  • Stable Mates
    Stable Mates
    Episode 15
    King is homesick for Tiny, he won't race or eat without Tiny. Nobody wants to ask Donald if King can borrow Tiny when he is racing. John tells Donald that Tiny will be going away with King. Donald tells Velvet she can't have Tiny. Then Velvet gets upset because King cannot race without Tiny. Donald goes to Mi and asks why everyone is so sad. Mi tells Donald the truth. Donald tells Velvet Tiny wants to help King race.moreless
  • The Haunted House
    The Haunted House
    Episode 14
    While out riding Velvet is told there is a "witch" living in a haunted house. She was a former rider. Velvet tries to help. Donald hurts his ankle in the lady's house. He is holding a Breyer Stallion. Ann cannot ride anymore.
  • Terry
    Episode 13
    Terry comes to visit after her mother is injured and is taken by a ambalance. The child looks like a boy but is a girl.
  • The Experiment
    The Experiment
    Episode 12
    Donald overhears Herbert and Mi talking about a miracle food that grows really fast. The stuff is poison and Donald feeds it to Tiny.
  • The Desperado
    The Desperado
    Episode 11
    Donald is watching a Black Bar Slade western special in TV. After the show Donald imagines he is fighting with Black Bar.
  • The Club
    The Club
    Episode 10
    John and Alvin (the Bully) are friends now. John joins a private Boys only Club leaving Velvet on the outside. The Boys are building a private Club House. No girls are allowed. Only John wants Velvet to stay. Velvet has to do everything Alvin says. Alvin wants Velvet to ride in a pasture with a bull. Alvin trips on a rock and Velvet has to save him from the bull. Then Velvet is in the club.moreless
  • The Outsider
    The Outsider
    Episode 9
    Billy comes to visit. He used to be able to see and is now blind. He no longer has hope until he tries jumping King. Then he wants to go back to school.
  • Donald's Tonsils
    Donald's Tonsils
    Episode 8
    Donald gets sick and has to have his tonsils out. Doctor also wants to take out Herbert's tonsils. No one in the family wants to tell Herbert. Finally Herbert gets talked into having his tonsils out.
  • The Fortune Teller
    The Fortune Teller
    Episode 7
    While attending the County Fair, Velvet meets a fortune teller, who tells Velvet her horse will have a serious injury.
  • The Tramp
    The Tramp
    Episode 6
    Tiny, Donald's pony, is mentioned. Jed Corrigan wants a job. Mi does not like him. Herbert gives him a job chopping wood. Donald takes all the money in the house and the girls room. Donald puts the money in the man's belongings. Martha checks her money can and all the money is gone. The Brown's think the Tramp stole it. The Sheriff searches the Tramp and find the money that Donald put there. The Tramp is arrested. Velvet gets Donald to admit he took the money.moreless
  • Edwina's Elopement
    Edwina's Elopement
    Episode 5
    Edwina's boyfriend Teddy is in college now. He wants Edwina to Elope. Then Teddy calls it off. Then Teddy tried to explain to Edwina it was a computor. Teddy entered the wrong information. Velvet finds out they are a perfect match.
  • The Fall
    The Fall
    Episode 4
    While Donald is playing, he spooks King who rears and Velvet falls off and has dizzy spells. This show also has John Hadley. Velvet findly falls off of King in front of Mi. They get a doctor.
  • The Bully
    The Bully
    Episode 3
    John gets beat up by the school bully. Mi teaches John how to fight. (Tiny, Donald's pony is also in the barn.) John beats up the bully.
  • The Lake
    The Lake
    Episode 2
    A chemical company wants to buy the land around the lake. Velvet calls Mrs. Hadley (John's mother) and she buys the land so the chemical plant cannot be built on the lake.
  • The Pony
    The Pony
    Episode 1
    An old man, towing a pony in a trailer behind his car, has an accident.