Natsume Yujincho

Monday 11:55 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Jul 07, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Natsume Y?jin-ch? Shi
    • Door of Memories
      Door of Memories
      Episode 13
      As Natsume's heart succumbs to the yokai from his past, he begins to recall distant childhood memories. Natsume is unsure where to call home, but while seeing the picture of his parents still brings pain, he reassures himself that he's no longer lonely.
    • A Single Photo
      A Single Photo
      Episode 12
      Natsume decides to visit his old house one last time, and goes to get the key from a relative. Natsume used to live with the relative's family, and when he arrives, his memories come flooding back, along with a yokai he never thought he'd see again...
    • Yumenosuke Tokuda
      Yumenosuke Tokuda
      Episode 11
      Natsume gets a call from a relative named Tachibana, who tells him a buyer for his parents' old house has finally been found. Natsume seems unaffected by the news, but when he loses an old photo of his parents the next day...
    • Revered Gods
      Revered Gods
      Episode 10
      Natsume and Natori continue to search for Hozuki, when Natsume senses his dim presence. The god is imprisoned in a stone, and the team must find a way to unseal him before it's too late...
    • The Moon-Splitting Festival
      At a festival that takes place once every ten years, the gods Hozuki and Fuzuki compete for dominance. But this year, Hozuki is nowhere to be found. Natori is ordered to find him, while Natsume is enlisted to imitate the missing god.
    • The Time I Hesitated
      Through a series of events, Natsume runs into Nanase of the Matoba clan. She's in search of a yokai she sealed away years before, and reflects on the days when she was still new to the act of exorcism.
    • The Gap Between Humans and Yokai
      The imprisoned Natsume is offered as a gift to a powerful yokai, Omibashira, but Tanuma and Natori come to his aid. As Omibashira begins devouring other yokai to gain strength, Natsume and the others attempt to flee.
    • On the Other Side of the Glass
      Natsume finds himself trapped inside a glass bottle that was placed in his room by a yokai. Nyanko-sensei decides that only the owner of the bottle can open it. He decides to transform into Natsume and pretend to be him to avoid suspicion, but...
    • To You, from Days Past
      A former classmate of Natsume's, Yuriko, thinks back to when he first transferred to her middle school. Meanwhile, Natsume is reunited with a yokai he saved years ago, causing him to recall the same memories as Yuriko.
    • The Reply
      The Reply
      Episode 4
      A yokai comes to Natsume seeking to use him as bait to lure out another powerful yokai. Before he'll help, Natsume demands to know what for, and the yokai recounts the story of when he met a human woman, long ago...
    • The Small Things
      The Small Things
      Episode 3
      As Natsume treats an injured yokai, it accidentally poisons him. The yokai is part of a larger flock which is coming dangerously close to town. Natsume must also find the ring that a yokai has accused him of stealing, or suffer the consequences...
    • The Eastern Forest
      Hinoe and Misuzu head out in search of the monkey yokai leader to try and reclaim Natsume. Natsume has been imprisoned by Matoba, who wants him to join them. Natsume can't contain his anger, and makes a daring escape with Nyanko-sensei.
    • Natsume Taken Captive
      Natsume has a dangerous run-in with a group of yokai clad in monkey masks. They lure him into their forest lair, where the border between the human and yokai world is blurred. It's here that Natsume once again encounters the Matoba clan of exorcists...
  • Natsume Yujin-ch? San
  • Zoku Natsume Yujincho
  • Natsume Yujincho