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Sadie Hawthorne is a high school student and an aspiring naturalist who loves to study and observe animals and their behavior in their natural environment. So, with magnifying glass in one hand and lip-gloss in the other, Sadie's out to prove that being smart is the new cool. Her desire to study and observe is not limited to animals as she attempts to analyze human beings the same way. Sadie soon discovers that this is difficult because behaviorally, we are all unpredictable. Good thing she has two best friends that are there to help out.

Sadie Hawthorne's life is a weird and wonderful place, full of freaks of nature. Sadie's dream is to one day go to the rainforest to study bugs and fungus and weird microbes that devour the entire towns, but until then she'll be making her own personal field guide to life.

Theme Song Sadie (voiceover for Season 1): I'm Sadie and I'm amazed by...everything wild animals, bugs, and even the wilder people in my own life. Guess it just comes...naturally.

Sadie (voiceover for Season 2): Hey, I'm Sadie. My life is filled with all kinds of weird creatures, from best friends to impulsive brothers. Somehow they all fit together, naturally.

If I could choose a world for me It'd be open, big, and free I'd pick a place Not like the rest, Not like the rest, It'd be best My world. My place. My friends. I run to you when no one's there. (No one's there) And others stare. There will be, naturally. Performed by Angie Grant

Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte Arnold

Sadie Hawthorne

Michael D'Ascenzo

Michael D'Ascenzo

Rainbow "Rain" Papadakis

Jasmine Richards

Jasmine Richards

Margaret Browning-Levesque

Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley

Hal Hawthorne

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Fan Reviews (171)

  • Okay, why must they twist every single plot?!

    I just dont get this show at all. they always say they want this but in the end they twist it. i mean its good but they seriously overdid it.

    the acting was pretty er. the newer episodes stopped talking about animals. instead, it talks about her life. so, i gave up on this show already. i really cant stand this show. the only reson why i didnt give it a 1.0 is because they at least tried to make the newer season more entertaining. sadly, in vain :(

    i dont hate this show. its just i think the director and the crew are overdoing itmoreless
  • A cut above anything disney ever broad-casted before.

    Naturally Sadie started off as a great show. it was the first kid's show in my generation that had a character that didn't really need to fit in to be happy. Sadie didn't have to wear the most "in" clothes to be confident. I think a lot of tweens didn't like this show for exactly that: it didn't demand you follow the mainstream and that is almost taboo for kids these days. in a world of Hannah Montana and Degrassi, this show didn't fit the cookie cutter. So as the show went downhill in ratings the producers sold out and turned Naturally Sadie into another Lizzie Mcguire and the show lost it's originality. maybe with the nerd counter culture becoming more mainstream more shows like this will eventually come around.moreless
  • Ah those were the days.

    You know I just realized that this show ended and it ended about a year ago. It had sixty-three episodes! WOW! How'd they manage that? I wasn't too quick to judge on this show and I actually gave it a chance, which isn't something I do very often when it comes to TV, the second season as I remember was entirely better than the first and this show came from extremely boring to mildly interesting, which isn't too bad for a semi-educational show. I'd really like to know how the show ended but since I missed it I'll take the memories I have to heart.moreless
  • Sadie wants to be a Natualist because of her love of animals but not any more!

    I used to love this show when it was about the animals Sadie was the first teenager on tv I could acturally kind of relate to. Then what did they do changed it of corse so it was pretty much all about dating! Now its like every other American T.V. show about dating and has little to no mention of animals. I think the only way I could relate to Sadie now is if I was a drama queen with no brain cells and no respect to anyone else. Once I would have given this show 8.5 and said it was my new best friend.moreless
  • highschool girl likes animals

    Naturally Sadie focuses on the life of highschool girl Sadiw Hawthorne and her interest in animals. She aspires to be a naturalist and works in a pet shop. Her friends ad her are put into many situations some of which are embarassing or difficult to deal with but in the end they always pull through. This is not an overly enjoyable program and is frankly bland. The humour is weak and the acting not that good or up to standards to what one would expect. The plots are quite terrible. Sadies constant attempts to see humans as animals (or more correctly as non human animals showing animalistic behaviour) is somewhat frustrating when it is obvious they are not so primitive.If you were expecting The Wild Thornberrys, don't. It's nowhere near as enjoyable.moreless

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