Naturally, Sadie

Season 1 Episode 18

Advanced Girl Lessons

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Aug 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

At Finch's store, Sadie tries to help Mr. Whitfield with a large bag of birdseed and then he calls her "son". She then questions if she is feminine enough.

At the creek, Sadie and Margaret were talking about the gender mistake Mr. Whitfield made. Margaret said that she should go easy on him, he does have cataracts. Sadie then caught a newt and was telling Margaret about how wonderful it is. Margaret then says that it could be dificult to tell at a glance because she was wearing a ball cap and doesn't wear makeup. Although, Sadie has never thought of herself as a tomboy.

Rain was walking into his bedroom and finds his parents giggling and laughing about their high school yearbook. His mother, Toula, points out that they were in a lot of candids of those two at the dance, the soccer game, and in the hallway. Rain has not been in a single yearbook photo. He then asks his mother why his parents told him that they studied hard and got good grades. She then tells him that they were "cool" and the losers are the ones that don't get in the candids. Rain then realizes that he's less cool than his parents. He then vows that he is going to be in as many candids as possible to make a legacy for himself.

At Sadie's house, she wants to ask her mother Jean for femininity and she can't because she's about to leave on tour for a book signing for a few days. When Jean comes back, she plans for them to have a nice long girl talk. Sadie then talks to the camera and points out that chimps learn from other chimps so maybe she can learn from other social girl groups.

The next day, Sadie was then observing other girl groups and then Rain spots her. He asks her what she's doing and then she tells him that she's watching other girls behavior patterns. Rain says girl watching is one of his favorite hobbies. He suggests that she should go into the girls bathroom and find out what goes on there. Sadie is in the bathroom watching their actions and she's fascinated. Can this all work for her?

Rain was talking to Ralph the yearbook editor and he told Rain that if the picutures make it they make it and if they dont' they don't. Ralph started taking pictures of Chelsea and then he thinks that he should try to get in pictures with her.

Sadie at home was trying to pick out an outfit and Hal walked in on her. She tripped and asked him what she should wear. He says that she should wear that flowery outfit.

The next day at school, Sadie walks through the hallways and everyone is staring at her. She walks up to Margaret, Chelsea ,and a few other girls and tries to blend into the conversation. Margaret yanks her from the group and explains to her that she can't be all the girls rolled into one, it just doesn't work. Margaret says that she can learn a lot from Chelsea and that so she begins to watch how she walks, talks, and flirts with Ralph. Rain is following Chelsea around too, at her locker, the library, and at the water fountain. Rain walks past the yearbook office and sees Ralph uploading pictures onto the computer and he goes to talk to him and sees the picutures. All of them happen to be of Chelsea.

Sadie wants to apply what she has learned from Chelsea into a reality so she comes to school the next day all dolled up. Everyone is staring at her again and not like last time. Margaret is impressed with the overnight transformation and Ralph takes one look at Sadie and starts taking all of these candids of her. He tells Sadie that she's cute and she starts to flirt with him. Chelsea is being ignored and she is getting really mad.

Out in the back of the school, Ralph tells everyone to gather around Sadie and Rain wants to get in so he does. So he asks Sadie to go out on a date with her but she doesn't want to but sets one up for Saturday. Chelsea is still being ignored and she walks off angry. Sadie calls her and wants to talk but she finds a picture of herself and finds a handscratch through the picture.

Rain is around Chelsea but he sees no Ralph so Rain goes to the yearbook office and looks at the computer pictures and all of them happen to be of Sadie this time.

Margaret finds Sadie and asks her if she is crazy for being a boyfriend stealer. Sadie didn't even know that Ralph is Chelsea's new boyfriend. Margaret suggests that she talks to Chelsea alone.

Sadie comes to Finch's store late and her girlly girl act is interfering with her dream of becoming a naturalist. Finch tells her that she should try to balance out social life with animal life so she goes to talk to her mother. Sadie complains that it's very hard working at being a girly girl but her mother says that if she's working that hard, she should try to be herself.

In the attic, she picks up the phone and it's Ralph and he wants to know about Saturday and he has no idea what he wants to do. She puts him on call waiting. Chelsea comes on and she wants to know what Sadie and Ralph are doing tomorrow and what are her intentions so she puts her on call waiting. Margaret comes on and asks what's going on because Chelsea just called her and she is mad so Sadie doesn't want to hear any of those phone calls and just hangs up. Sadie calls Ralph back and tells him that she has an idea where they can go.

Later, Sadie does the whole makeover thing completely backwards. She was picking out outfits for Ralph and she picked out what she thought was the perfect outfit. A ball cap, a huge red and white plaid shirt and black pants.

Saturday at the zoo, Ralph was waiting for Sadie and she was calling at him. He didn't recognize her at first and he thought she was a boy. Sadie and Ralph go see Jono the chimp and Sadie gets a call and it's Chelsea. She wants to speak to Ralph and he leaves Sadie and she's happy.

At school, Margaret sees Rain and she wants to see how the yearbook pictures are going. She somehow tells him that he doesn't need to make a legacy for himself and thanks her.