Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 25

As Bad as It Gets

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • The basketball in this episode was horrible.

    This episode was pretty good, but the basketball in it was painful to watch. Neither Sadie or Heidi had any talent at basketball what so ever. And Ben was pretty bad, too. When Margaret said, "Just because Heidi's been playing all her life and is probably looking at a basketball scholarship and is definitly a whole person taller than you doesn't mean you don't have what it takes to beat her," I almost threw up. Playing all her life? I sure hope not. I was that good in 3rd grade. And is probably looking at a basketball scholarship? What world does she live in? Heidi's chances of winning a basketball scholarship with that amount of talent is less than the chance that Earth will colide with a giant comet, killing us, in the next two days.

    I love Naturally, Sadie, but this episode just pained me to watch.
  • bens ex comes to bennet with hopes of winning him back.

    this episode in my opinion was a perfectly fine badie episode. it was nice that it showed ben as a more dynamic character, instead of just a guy that sadie likes. in my opinion it makes him more of a main character. im happy that they showed something with heidi, because all of us naturally sadie fans have been talking about heidi since we first heard her name. so im glad they finally got her out of the way. and believe it or not, im happy that ben's kissed somone before. i dont know why. makes him more mature or something. you know, like instead of it being both the girl and the guy's first kiss. makes it more... teenagerish or something. i dont know, i cant explain it. but i really liked this episode!
  • Sadie is this really smart girl who is into nature and of course boys.Trying to put everything she does in an animal way.

    This one wasn't as good as i thought nothing really happen no kiss, no fighting if you count playing basketball one on one as one.The girl who was his ex-girlfriend is off of degrassi.They seem to have a lot of people from degrassi on this show.Ben is cute and can be smug at times but sadie can't get enough of him.He's smug and he knows it and so was is ex-girlfriend sadie thought she was nice but no she wasn't she was horrible.And she thought she was so cool not.I'm glad they didn't break up but i wanted to see more of a fight instead of what they did it was kind of silly to watch.The other half of the show was about hal and rain and making food for the school wasn't that funny this epsiode.Oh well.