Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 9

Brother From Another Planet

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM May 28, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

In the house recycling, Sadie says even in nature, siblings don't get along. Hal is eating the last piece of pizza, takes the pizza box and throws it, and knocks stuff off of the countertop. Hal takes a cupcake and Sadie tells him that's her dessert. He tells her it's his breakfast. So they run around the kitchen and Hal licks the cupcake. He then offers her the cupcake. She gets mad and starts to chase him more. Sadie complains to her parents and they're starting to get tired of them too. Jean tells them to cut it out or she'll make them go to the party with them on Friday night. Walter tells them it's a costume party and they know what that means. Spandex and leotards. He then says maybe they should try to run into some of their friends. In a daydream, Sadie tells us Friday night is the school's bowling party as a reward for cleaning up the most litter in Whitby. Sadie mentions that Ben is going to be there and there's no way Hal is going to ruin it for her. Hal tells his parents a way for Sadie to scare everyone at the party is to go as Sadie Hawthorne. She tells them Hal already has a unitard, for his band.

At school, Hal and Jamie are singing/rapping to Mallory having a jam session. She asks them if they're going to the bowling party. Hal tells her rockstars do not bowl. She tells him Stan Obermeyer is going to be there, his litter agency helped sponsor the clean-up. Jamie and Hal sound excited to hear about it and reconsider.

Sadie is walking down the hallway and Ben is walking towards her. She reminds herself to remember Margaret's 8-second rule: Make eye contact, nod pensively, sigh, lose eye contact, shrug, and casually say yes. Ben asks her to the bowling party, Sadie does Margaret's 8-second rule in high speed, and Ben looks confused, then she says yes. Sadie is excited and now loves litter.

In class, Margaret and Sadie start talking and they're both excited. Rain tells them he's confused because all they've been saying is yes and no. He says he would like to stay for more girl talk but he's got to prepare for Friday night as the official commentator. Sadie asks Margaret if she'll be there Friday night and she begins to explain and Sadie cuts her off by saying bowling probably isn't her thing by wearing other people's shoes and lifting heavy things, but Sadie's going to need all of the moral support she can get.

At home, Sadie is shocked when Hal tells her he's going to the bowling party too. Hal talks back to her with food in his mouth and she starts to insult him. Jean tells them that's it. If they can't get along, they'll both be grounded. No dates, no gigs, no bowling party. She grabs Walter and tells him to go try on the costumes. Sadie tells Hal she's not going to get grounded because of him and she wants to get along for just one more day. He says okay, but he's not doing it for her, he's doing it because he wants to go to the bowling party too.

In the attic, Margaret can't believe Sadie didn't apply the 8-second rule to her liking. A knock on the door is from Jamie and he asks her to the bowling party and she says yes, and he says cool and leaves. Margaret asked Sadie what she just did; she violated the 8-second rule. She's probably violating another rule by dating her brother's friend, but it's okay with her. Margaret wants to tell her something important because she might not be able to go bowling because she has a secret. She reaches in her bag and pulls out pink bowling shoes and a pink bowling shirt. She's a bowler. Sadie asks how is this possible. Margaret tells her how she tells Sadie every other Saturday, she hangs out with her Dad at the outlet mall. She's bowling with him instead. When she says she spends the weekends at the outlet mall, she's at bowling tournaments. But on Friday, Jamie is going to see who she really is and think she's a total bowling weirdo.

The next day at breakfast, Hal asks her if Sadie finished her paper on an exotic bird. It was the duck, and she thinks she'll get an A. Jean says it's nice for her to see the two of them get along for once. Hal asks how is that boy that she talks so much about in her diary. Sadie says that she noticed Ms. Mann left a message on the answering machine for Mom and Dad and she hopes he didn't erase it. He's surprised she was even checking the machine since no one ever calls her. Walter asks Hal to pass the scrambled eggs. Sadie can't remember if Ms. Mann said detention or expulsion. With the scrambled eggs in his hand, Hal dumps it on Sadie's lap. The parents have had enough and ground them for a week and include the bowling party.

At school, Sadie tells Margaret she can't believe she's not going to the bowling party. Margaret can't believe she has to go to the bowling party, if she goes, Jamie will know that she bowls. If Sadie goes, her parents will not be happy. If neither of them goes, Ben and Jamie will have fun without them. They realize they both have to go.

Outside, Jamie tells Hal Morning Breath can't talk to Stan Obermeyer without him. Is it because Hal is the lead singer or he's the most charismatic? It's neither. Jamie will be spending all of his time with Margaret. Hal is upset because he has a date the same day they're supposed to meet Stan and that he has a date with one of his sister's friends. Jamie tells him he has to come out with a way to go, Morning Breath's future depends on it.

Hal and Sadie run into each other on the stairway and say that they're both going to the bowling party and they have a plan and one is no going to stop another. They figure out they're agreeing and walk away from each other.

Jane and Walter are in their superhero costumes and they'll be calling every hour. They've preordered pizza and will be home by midnight. Sadie tells them that's fine, they'll just be here studying. The moment they walk out of the door, Hal and Sadie rip off their jackets. Then they yank off their sweatpants, synchronize their watches, grab their walkie talkies, redirect the pizza order.

At the bowling party, Margaret is bowling and bowling badly. Rain is commentating on how Margaret is choking. She's getting upset and tells him he's going to need the paramedics. Jamie then bowls a gutterball.

Hal walks up to man with a boom box and it happens to be Stan Obermeyer. He asks him if he likes Morning Breath. Stan replies saying nobody likes morning breath.

Rain is commenting on Sadie's bowling, which isn't really bothering her. Ben tells her that was awful. She tells him to be nice to her because she snuck out of the house for him tonight. Ben wants her to repeat what she said. She says he has to be nice to her. He wants to know what she said after that. She said she's here for the trash, she means the litter, and Ben, in theory.

Back with Stan, Hal tries to explain that he doesn't mean the stench that's in your mouth when you wake up, he means his band. He tells him his band would be a good choice to be in the indie showcase. Stan tells him to send their demo to his secretary and they'll take care of it from there. Hal's cell phone rings and is getting an incoming call from his mother. Hal makes everyone in the alley be quiet. Mallory is holding the bowling ball in the air and can't hold on any longer. She lets go of it and his mom starts wondering what's going on. Then Sadie gets on the phone. Jean asks if the pizza has come yet. An annoucement is made about Hal and Sadie's pizza and everyone starts to grab some.

Jamie starts bowling even worse than Margaret. He tells her it's so hard to keep it in the center. She then tells him how and he wants her to repeat what she said and she says something else instead. Rain starts commenting again on how bad she's bowling and Margaret threatens him.

Sadie and Ben are sitting down talking and she wants to know why he asked her out to the bowling party. He says if he asked to kiss her and he didn't hear her, he can pretend he couldn't hear her. Sadie looks over and sees Hal and everyone else is with Stan dancing to the sound that is Morning Breath and Stan turns it off. He says they have a unique sound but he doesn't think they're ready and there's something missing. They're missing that "it" quality. Mallory wants to know what he means by that, she says they have "it" and then some and she wants to know what kind of agent is he. He wants to know who she is. Then she wants to fight him and Hal grabs her. Sadie tells Ben he's such a dreamer and he should let it go and asks him where were they. He tells her he was being smug and cocky while she was being shy and sweet. So now she remembers, so she leans in to kiss him. In her head, she's saying that when she imagined her first kiss, rental shoes weren't in the picture. Back to reality, they're about to kiss and an annoucement comes on and tells everyone it's almost midnight and enough time for one more game. Sadie shouts Hal's name and Hal does the same.

Hal is talking to Stan and tells him he has to leave. He asks if he's walking out on Stan Obermeyer and he can't believe it. He likes it because it represents raw passion and they got the gig. Mallory tells Stan Morning Breath will play their gig at the indie showcase but they're not opening, they're going to need a fish bowl green and red jellybeans.

Sadie tells Ben that she has to go so they need to make the kiss quick. They lean in and Hal interrupts them. He grabs Sadie and tells her they have to leave. She stops to grab some pizza crust and Hal wants to know what she's doing. Margaret waves. They're running to the house and Hal falls and tells her go without her.

Jamie asks Margaret if she wants to make the game interesting. If Jamie wins, he gets to give her a kiss and if she wins, she gets to give him a dare. They agree.

Sadie picks Hal up and Jamie bowls a strike. Margaret is surprised and can't believe that he hustled her. So she pulls out her bowling glove and bowls a strike.

Sadie and Hal are going in the house and they see Mom and Dad's car. So she tells him to grab the pizza box from the recycling bin and she grabs the pizza crust and puts it in the box. They put back on their sweats and there's an informercial on TV, so they change the channel because they would never be watching that. Jean and Hal come in and had a fun time at the party. Hal and Sadie tell them they've had a fine night. Hal's feet are on the table and unfortunately, they're his bowling shoes and they're both regrounded. Jean asks who's idea was it and they both say it was theirs, then start to blame each other, and then are send upstairs.

Back at the bowling alley, strike after strike. Margaret bowls the final strike and wins the game. They shake hands and she says he's not as good as her but he's not bad. Jamie then tells her that he doesn't just bowl, he's a bowler. She's curious about what he was going to dare her to do and that was to kiss him. She dares him to dare her to kiss her. So they kiss and Rain is commenting on the whole thing. Ben takes away the microphone from him.

In Sadie's room, she realized brothers and sisters sometimes need to rely on each other more as they grow up. Hal walkies her and asks her what she's doing and that is talking to him. She asks him what he's doing and he says the same thing and walks in. They start to speak at the same time and Sadie tells Hal to go first. He tells her that he remembers when she told everyone to save the crust because Mom knows he never eats the crust. She says flying across the living room like that was very cool. His ankle was so busted, he didn't even feel it. Sadie can't believe that they've put aside their differences to work together for a common cause and actually made a good team. Is it possible that they're maturing? Hal gave her a cupcake, she bites into it and he tells her he licked it. She throws it at him and they laugh.