Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 9

Brother From Another Planet

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM May 28, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Sadie and Hal sneek out to go to the bowling party...they each go for a special reason!!!!

    This episode was really good...the new season of Naturally Sadie is really good!!!!
    It is a really good step for Sadie and Ben!!!

    This is really good episode for everyone...Sadie and Hal work together as a team... with is always good becuase as most people know that doesnt happen often. Margret and Jamie is a confusing becuase they dont bring Jamie back into the show even though there is \"chemisty\" between them...a little weird.

    Rain is really weird in this episode..He needs to be tamed down just a little bit.

    Sadie and Ben they are so cute...they are so close to kissing but hanging by the end of my seat to see when they will do it!
  • Great episode. Great step forward for Ben and Sadie.

    I thought this was [so far] the best episode yet. They made Sadie and Ben seem like a couple almost. I can't wait until Pret a Porter to see if they do FINALLY kiss!!
    Also, it was good to see Sadie and Hal working as a team. Created a good brother/sister bond there.
    As for Margaret and Jamie's thing, that was...different. But it's kind of weird that they haven't brought him back yet.
    I don't know abotu anyone else, but I think Rain and Margaret would make a better couple.
    The best advice I can say to all of you is to see this episode. It is a really good one.
  • Sadie and Hal are grounded, but sneak out to go to a bowling party.

    Sadie and Hal are fighting, and get grounded from going to the bowling party. Hal wants to go because he can get a record deal there, and Sadie wants to go with Ben. They sneak out, and Sadie and Ben ALMOST KISS! But then they have to run home before their parents get back. I WAS SO MAD!!! But I know they are going to kiss soon. Hal and Sadie end up getting along better. I mostly just ;iked the fact that they are till working on Ben and Sadie's relationship.
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