Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 9

Brother From Another Planet

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM May 28, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Q: Why was Hal wearing bowling shoes at the end if he didn't even bowl?

      A: Most bowling alleys require you to wear bowling shoes behind a certain point, even if you don't bowl.

  • Quotes

    • Rain: (Margaret and Jamie kiss) Browning-Levesque using the ever-popular cheek stroke followed by an upper-lower lip kiss leaves her opponent defenseless.

    • Rain: She's got her pigeon hole, her button hole, her camisole, and her casserole. But what she don't got folks? Her bowl, bowl, bowl. Does she got game? Ho, ho, oh no.
      Margaret: Unless you want your head stuck in the ball washer. Uhuh. I'd can it.
      Rain: (scoffs) She just lost the sportsmanship award for that one folks.

    • Rain: And Browning-Levesque chokes again. Throwing a ball that's DOA before it's even FYI.
      Margaret: That doesn't even make sense, Rain!
      Rain: You've heard of sore losers. Well this one is so sore, we're gonna have to phone the paramedics.
      Margaret: You're the one who's gonna need the paramedics.

    • Hal: So little sis, uh, did you finish your report on that exotic bird?
      Sadie: Duck. I sure did, Hal. I think I'll get an A.
      (Hal and Sadie laughing)
      Jean: It's so nice to see you two finally getting along. Now was that so hard?
      Hal: Not at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to catching up with young Sadie. Say, how is that boy you talk so much about in your diary?
      Jean: Boy?
      Sadie: Funny you should mention that, Halitosis. I couldn't help but notice Ms. Mann left a message on the answering machine for Mom and Dad. I hope you didn't accidentally erase it.
      (Hal and Sadie laughing)
      Hal: I'm surprised you were even checking the machine seeing as how no one ever calls you.

    • Margaret: No.
      Sadie: Yes.
      Margaret: Yes.
      Sadie: Yes!
      Margaret: No.
      Margaret and Sadie: Yes!
      Rain: There you have it folks, the ladies have confused me again. I'd love to stay for more girl talk but I have to get ready for Friday night bowling. You're looking at the official commentator.
      Margaret and Sadie: No.

    • Mallory: So you guys going to that bowling party?
      Hal: No. Rockstars do not bowl, Mallory.
      Mallory: Oh well, that's too bad because Stan Obermeyer is gonna be there. Yeah, his agency helped sponsor the litter cleanup.
      Hal: Stan "super agent" Obermeyer?
      Jamie: Stan "looking for the next hot indie band" Obermeyer?
      Hal: Stan "gets me out the house to the bowling party which gets me away from my annoying sister" Obermeyer?
      Jamie: Ok, we're done with that now.

    • Sadie: Hal already has his own unitard.
      Hal: It's for the band.
      Sadie: So says you.

    • Sadie: I was wondering something.
      Ben: How many people wore those shoes before you?
      Sadie: Not quite. What made you ask me out tonight? I mean here, bowling.
      Ben: The truth?
      Sadie: No, lie to me.
      Ben: I figured if I asked to kiss you at a bowling alley and you said no, I could pretend I didn't hear you because of all the noise.

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