Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 9

Brother From Another Planet

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM May 28, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Hal: So little sis, uh, did you finish your report on that exotic bird?
      Sadie: Duck. I sure did, Hal. I think I'll get an A.
      (Hal and Sadie laughing)
      Jean: It's so nice to see you two finally getting along. Now was that so hard?
      Hal: Not at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to catching up with young Sadie. Say, how is that boy you talk so much about in your diary?
      Jean: Boy?
      Sadie: Funny you should mention that, Halitosis. I couldn't help but notice Ms. Mann left a message on the answering machine for Mom and Dad. I hope you didn't accidentally erase it.
      (Hal and Sadie laughing)
      Hal: I'm surprised you were even checking the machine seeing as how no one ever calls you.

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