Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 8

Double Jeopardy

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM May 21, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Sadie is finally asked to go to homecoming with Owen, but can she turn down her new crush now?

    Great episode, just absolutely awesome.
    Sadie\'s dilemma seems so typical. I think that\'s why I like this show, for the fact that a lot of the problems are ones that many people may face in high school.
    I loved the ending especially. The one quote,
    \"This is about me making bad decisions.\"-Sadie. \"Yeah, but it\'s also about us.\"-Ben, who kisses Sadie on the forehead.
    Yeah, I espeically liked that. It really shows that they will get together...eventually.
    I was so mad at Hal in this episode though. I was hoping that he had actually done something nice for Sadie. But...I guess not.
    My opinion: See the episode, especially for the ending. If you are a Ben/Sadie fan, you will like it, believe me.
  • Sadie is asked to the dance by two boys...she tries to figure out which she likes more???

    This is my favorite Naturally Sadie episode yet!!!
    I love it....basicly what happen is Sadie is asked to the dance by two boys(Owen and Ben)...when they are at the dance she is trying to please both boys at once...but that doesnt work...they end up finding out and getting pissed...Owen doesnt forgive her and says that he was really hurt regardless of Sadies apologie. Ben on the other hand is really classy saying...

    Ben: Just answer me one thing first. Who asked you second?
    Sadie: What do you mean?
    Ben: Who was the second guy to ask you out?
    Sadie: You....what?
    Ben: It means you pick me over Owen.
    Sadie: No. This isn\\\'t about you. This isn\\\'t about Owen. This is about me making bad decisions.
    Ben: Yeah, it\\\'s also about us.
    (kisses Sadie on the forehead)

    It is so adorable.....I love it!!!!
  • Aaaaa I loved this eppie!

    Aaaaa I loved this eppie!

    Normally I don\'t rly watch this show much but wow, hu knew Sadie cud do tht? Lol. Well anywayz...

    Sadie gets asked to the dance by Owen AND Ben. Oops 4 her. Now her plan is 2 b there w/ both n ends up frantically running from boy to boy duriing the dance, only to realize l8er on tht Owen seez her w/ Ben. Ouch? Shyea.

    Lol the plot waz creative! Loved it KeEp On RoCkIn NaTuRaLlY sAdiE!!!
  • This was may favorite episode to date!

    It was wonderful. Sadie has two dates to the dance. 1st was Owen and then was Ben. It ends up being disaterous, when the two boys find out. Sadie then tries to explain her reasoning to them, that she just couldn't decide. Owen doesn't take it very well. He is mad at Sadie for hurting his feelings. Then Sadie talks to Ben. He has one question: "Just tell me, who asked you second?" Sadie: "You did, but what does that have to do with anything" Ben: "It means you picked me" Sadie: "This isn't about you, it's about me making stupid choices." Ben: "You're right this isn't about me... It's about us" awwww :)
    Then he Kisses Her On The Forehead!!! How Sweet!?!?! If I was her i would have chosen Ben in the first place.
  • Saddie, in typicakl sitcom form, attepts two dates at once for the homecomming dance

    The classic two date\'s to the dace episode, the middleman, or in this case, middlewoman, folishly attempts two dates at once, this has never worked. If fred flinstone couldent be at pebbles birthday party and a water buffalos meeting, how can telivision audences expect sadie to pull it of? But instead of getting totaly burned, Sadie is able to make things work out with Ben. The chocolate skwabble was filler but what can you do? you couldent have just one simple storyline, that\'s boring. This episode, although genaric, provides a launch pad for the \'Sadie/Ben\' storyline that has been quietly building, and hopefully wont be abandoned halfway through the buildup.
  • there is a dance at sadie\'s school and she wants either owen or ben to ask her. she says yes to owen, but also yes to ben. huge dilema. the chocolate bar squabble between the friends is funny also.

    i actually normally do not like this show. but this is the best one definitly! that is why i named it a series classic. the dance idea is nice, some romance or relationship guy tension instead of sadie \"trying out for varsity\" or something else cheesy like that. anyways, ben or owen?? its so obvious who i want her to decide, but instead she tries to date both of them at the same dance. its very awkward but when she confronts them its sooooo nervewracking and one of the confrontations make me like swoon. good episode :)