Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 20

English Patience

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Oct 29, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Hal in Sadie's English class-ultimate embarassment or ultimate bonding time? Rain and Margaret working together as a team for a fundraiser at the Wow-the good, the bad, and the ugly...

    Very surprising, unique, and good.
    I liked this episode. Even thought Ben was not in it, I really liked this episode.
    I really liked how they had the whole Rain and Arden thing. I've been having a kind off day and what Rain said about it truly being Arden's loss made me smile. I was quite surprised that Arden actually did like Rain. It shows that there really is a person under that mean and popular girl. Also, this entire episode showed how much Margaret cared for Rain. She was the only one truly concerned about Rain and how he felt. I can see that storyline of Margaret/Rain coming back. =]
    As for the whole no Ben thing, it was sad, but it didn't totally ruin the episode. I think people need to calm this whole worrying about Ben/Sadie kissing thing down. I want them to get together, but I'm not going to say I didn't like an episode because Ben wasn't in it, that's a little too obsessive.
    I liked how they had a bonding with Sadie and Hal in this episode, they needed that.
    My advice: See this episode. It's one of the best. Even if you are utterly obsessed with the Ben/Sadie ship.
  • Hal spends a week in Sadie's favorite English class totally embarrassing her, while Rain and Arden work together at the Wow and develop feelings for each other.

    I loved this episode! I cried when Rain told Arden that it was her loss that they'd never be together. Even though she acts like the school snob, you could tell she wished she could just drop her perfect image and hang out with Rain. I cried again when that cool teacher told Sadie that she was actually Hal's muse, just like the Mona Lisa! He was the best. Hal is hilarious. I know I'd die if my brother acted like that in front of my friends, but he's actually a good guy who really cares for Sadie. And he has all the best lines! I really liked this one. Even though I missed Ben, it was cool to see Sadie figure stuff out on her own and have her teacher kind of help her, rather than always Ben. I also loved how sweet Margaret was, wanting to protect Rain's feelings.
  • Hal must join sadie's class for a week, and he seems determined to embarrass her.

    omg this was not my favorite story line. dont get me wrong, i liked the whole hal going into sadies class thing, but there was 3 things i didnt like. ONE: The fact that they made it so arden liked rain.
    i mean, this whole season they made it so arden was this heartless witch that was extreemley stuck up, now all of a sudden she likes RAIN?? that made no sence! i mean if it was somone else i might have liked it a little more. but ARDEN!
    TWO: The fact that ben wasnt at all in this episode!
    omg ben wasnt in it! AT ALL!! that was so stinky. i love it when ben's in the episodes! i think they should have made it so ben was trying to give sadie advice about how to deal with hal being in her class. you know, like how he's always trying to show her the good in a bad situation. i think that would have made the episode better. lol, i'm starting to think that i only like the episodes of this show with Badie in it.