Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 18

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • I think someone was seriously bored over at Naturally Sadie, but still a good episode.

    Okay either someone was really bored over there or someone really has an overactive imagination, but despite that this episode totally rocked! I love the vivid imagery and of course the craziness of Ron Yuma-I mean come on, fighting zombies...Ron?- that was just too funny. Also it's nice to see Arden in her true visage as a backstabbing evil psychotic fanged monstrousity. ONce again we almost get that elusive Badie moment, but it just doesn't pan out which really sucks because I have been waiting for them to kiss for FOREVER!! I swear if I don't get my kiss soon I'm going to go postal.
  • Things get creepy when Arden's put in charge of the Halloween dance, and Hal takes on a new band member.

    I loved this episode! I thought it had tons of funny lines and was perfect for a scary, edgy Halloween special. It was great seeing an actress from \"Radio Free Roscoe\" play the guest star because I miss that show a lot. I thought it was cool how she was kind of hypnotizing Hal, then turned out to be the real zombie at the end! Ben was hilarious and cute, as usual, Ron Yuma was hysterical and I loved how his nerdiness saved the day, and Arden was fun to watch. The biggest surprise for me was Fred at the end! He looked so creepy, but also funny! This show is the best and I can\'t wait for the next episode.
  • What where they thinking?

    I like Naturally Sadie, but this episode doesn't fit into the series at all. Zombies? With glowing wristbands that turns people into zombies? It's just plain weird. Oh, and Tabitha, fits in the episode, but not the series.
    It pains me to rate this episode so low, but also too high at the same time.
    As I said before, what where they thinking!
  • weird things happen when sadie helps arden

    ewww! i hated it! that was the worst episode. come on! zombies! s-t-u-p-i-d ugh that was the worst haloween episode ever. naturally, sadie is not a show where they shoud throw zombies into the mix. dont get me wrong, naturally, sadie is my favorite show! but you think they would have made the storyline a little more believeable. more teenage, not childish like it was. i was also upset that Hal\'s first almost girlfriend(besides arden that time, but she defenatley doesn\'t count.)turned out to be a flipping zombie!!! grrrrr

    i thought at the end they would have all pulled out their fangs and yelled gotchya! to sadie but it never haopened. i probably would have liked it alot better if that happened.