Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 7

Hal's Kitchen

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 15, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Margaret: Welcome to Hal's Kitchen. Rain you look dashing this evening.
      Rain: Thank you Madam Lévesque.
      Margaret: And Taylor you look…droopy.
      Taylor: (sneezes) Thank you. sneezes) Excuse me.
      Rain: This is all going very, very wrong.
      Margaret: Did you stick to the game plan?
      Rain: Yes, I started the date with a horse string carriage just like you suggested.
      Margaret: And what was wrong with that?
      Rain: I think the horse started the date with a three bean casserole. It was a two mile ride behind nineteen pounds of stink.
      Margaret: I'm sure it got better.
      Rain: No it didn't. She's also allergic to the corsage you told me to get her.
      Taylor: Have you ever sneezed 17 times in a row? I could just give myself a concussion.
      Margaret: Can I take your corsage?
      Taylor: Thank you.