Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 7

Hal's Kitchen

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 15, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Rain: We should have eaten somewhere quieter. This isn't exactly ideal ambiance. I'm sorry.
      Taylor: Ambiance? Is that what you thinks wrong with this date?
      Rain: No, But I was hoping. I'm sorry I just wanted to make this date perfect.
      Taylor: I didn't want perfect. All I cared about was spending time with you.
      Rain: But you did spend time with me? Well except when you went to the bathroom and then I went to the bathroom but that's normal date behavior.
      Taylor: No, I mean the real you.
      Rain: I am the real me.
      Taylor: No, The real you doesn't talk about himself constantly or tell me dumb jokes. And the real you would never order me lamb chops.
      Rain: What's wrong with lamb chops?
      Taylor: The real you would know cause the real you knows the real me.
      Rain: Oh, how could I forget? You're cat named Lamb Chop. I was just trying to make an impression.
      Taylor: You did, just not a good one. I'm going to grab my wrap and then I'm going to call my Dad.
      Rain: Are criminal charges really necessary?
      Taylor: For a ride home, Rainbow.