Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 13

In or Out of Africa

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Aug 26, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • The last episode of the show is always very special.

    Sadie and everyone else is deciding on what to do over the summer. Rain is going to camp but is confused on the way his girlfriend is acting. At the end Rain and Taylor know there gonna miss each other over the summer. Ben tells the story of why he wants to be photographer. His mother died when he was pretty young and she knew she wasn't gonna live long so she took pictures where ever she went. That makes Sadie go to Africa. Arden saids she's gonna be a better person next year because when she asked her to sign her book her's was the nicest.
  • Ben was so cute!

    Rain and Taylor finally come to terms on their relationship. Sadie can't decide to go to camp or Africa after getting back together with Ben. They hold an intervention to get Sadie to reconsider and go to Africa. No one can convince her until Ben tells a heart warming story about his mother. Sadie realizes that Ben and friends will be there when she gets back so she goes to Africa. She takes tons of pictures so she can see Africa for Ben since he can not be there. In the end Arden turns out to be surprisingly nice.
  • Sadie is torn between going to Africa for the summer, or staying in Whitby with all her friends. They stage an intervention and convince her to go. Rain learns how much Taylor likes him, and Hal agrees to go on a cheesy vacation with his parents!

    This episode was the most amazing of the whole series!! I totally loved it. Taylor was so funny, and I like how she finally made Rain see that she was crazy about him. I also thought it was really cool that Arden realized how nice a person Sadie is. Arden may be super popular, but she doesn't really have any true friends the way Sadie does.

    But the absolute best part was BEN! I'm so glad he and Sadie got back together AND he convinced her to go to Africa. I was crying so much when he told the story about his mom! He's the best boyfriend ever. I couldn't believe when they revealed that Sadie was actually IN Africa at the end. You totally think she's at camp for the whole episode until the final shot with the elephant. It was so beautiful! This show is the best EVER. It's way better than all those other shows on Family Channel. I want to go watch all the old episodes now!