Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 1

In with the Old, Out with the New

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jun 03, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Rain's childhood friend Taylor returns to his life. Things get complicated though when Rain try's to relive the past with her. They end up expressing there true feelings towards each other at the end of the episode.

    Rain's childhood friend Taylor returns to his life. Things get complicated though when Rain try's to relive the past with her. They end up expressing there true feelings towards each other near the end of the episode and they share a nice weet kiss with each other. Sadie breaks up with Ben in front of everybody at the end of the episode. This episode really made me decide that i wanted to follow season 3 because Rain and Taylor are just so adorable and i hope it lasts past episode 7 of this season. Rain and Taylor just make a great pair.
  • Sad that Ben and Sadie broke up but it still was a great episode.

    So Sadie and Ben are finally together but not in Sadie's eyes. So everything was going great between them too me but Sadie felt he wasn't being smug any more. He was acting all nice and cute and stuff and she just didn't like the new vibe she got from him. So she invited him to dinner and then it all spilled out when Hal had open his mouth. Sad part about it is he still wanted to be with her. Rain old friend came to his town and their crushing on each other. Ben let sadie win the thumb wars.
  • I just wanted to say to superdud1400: you copied my post on I clicked on your review hoping to read something original, but instead I find my own words splattered under your name.

    Also, if you're going to use my review, why still rate the episode a 10? It's quite obvious from my review that I wasn't too happy with the way the episode ended.

    For reference to anyone who cares, my original words are here:

    I'm not even sure WHY you would copy it, and it doesn't really matter. It's just sort of pathetic.


    Anyhow, as my previous review mentioned, I was quite conflicted with this episode. I loved how Ben was a great boyfriend to Sadie (though a bit over-eager at times, popping randomly in front of her locker). I was disappointed that they broke up so fast; I felt the writers could have in the very least given them half a season. Does this mean they will no longer have their romantic chemistry? That would be a shame because that's what made season two worth watching. I also just didn't buy the episode; it's hard to believe that Sadie, after crushing on Ben for so long (wondering what to get him for Christmas, being protective of him against Arden's advances, sneaking out of the house to go on a date with him), would just decide that it's purely platonic between them. Hopefully they get back together soon, or their chemistry remains the same. Otherwise, we can officially say that episode one of season three is when the show jumped the shark.
  • This episode was about ben and sadie and they were getting together but once they got together they started not acting the same with eachother and sadie didnt like it at all.

    After watching the first episode of the third season of NS, I am so pissed. After a whole season of waiting for Sadie and Ben to get together, we think we have hope after the second season finale (which was awesome). And we did. For about two seconds. Seriously, why do Disney Channel couples break up two seconds after getting together on these shows? It makes no sense. Sadie was so into Ben in the second season, but we're supposed to believe that now that she's with him, it's "no longer the same" and she has to dump him within the first episode. Couldn't they at least keep together for like... half the season? Ben was such a cute boyfriend, doing such cute things for her =/ Gosh... hopefully, they get back together or something, because let's face it, the Sadie-Ben chemistry, will-they-or-won't-they saga was the only thing that made season two watchable. I know this is less Disney and more the writers of the show, but still. It does seem to occur a lot in Disney shows.
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