Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 17

Match Me If You Can

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • To Sadie's chagrin, a computerized matchmaking service declares that she and Ben are incompatible, while Margaret and Jamie are determined to be a perfect couple.

    This episode was good but not my favorite it was cute and sadie realized thatyou dont have to have everything in common with somebody just to make a relationship work. For five dollars only you can meet your perfect match just by filling out a survey and the computer does the rest sadie and ben are 1% compatiable while Jamie and Maragret 99% compatiable. Sadies worried that her and ben have absolutely nothing in common and it bothers her but it doesnt seem to worry ben. sadie tries to get ben interested in some of the things she likes i.e animals,nature si she shows him her mealworm farm which he makes fun of so she decides to get into something he likes: photography but she doesnt understand where ben is coming from. Finally sadie says this isnt going to work they cant be friends or anything more ben plays into it and starts to walk away but sadie tells him not to go which was bens plan its all about instict you dont have to analyze everything. Whike thats going on Hal embarassed mallory on the annoucemnets and she plotting to get him back for it.
  • Margaret and Jamie find out that they are 99% compatible whereas Ben and Sadie are only 1%. Is this the end of the Ben and Sadie romance?

    Great episode. Extremely cute.
    Margaret and Jamie\'s relationship throughout this episode annoyed me. I thought they were way too compatible. I felt bad for Margaret, but I\'m glad they broke up. I\'m a Rain and Margaret fan, so I enjoyed the ending. I\'m glad the producers decided to bring up that storyline again. Hopefully they will proceed with it.
    As for Ben and Sadie, I liked it. It\'s true that opposite\'s attract so, Ben and Sadie make perfect sense. In my eyes, the ending revealed that Ben and Sadie are a couple, with the whole \'arm around Sadie\' thing.
    My advice: See the episode. If you are a Margaret and Rain fan, you will be happy about that. =]
  • Sadie and Ben participate in a survey that tells them tey are incompatible. Margret and he boyfriend are told they are perfectly compatible.

    Ahhhhhhh! omg!!!! i totally liked this episode!!!!! it wasn't one of the best eppys, but it was cute. i think it made sadie realise how much ben really means to her. I was kind of upset that Margret and Jamie broke up, but by the look of the ending when Margret looked back at Jamie and Jamie looked back at her and looked upset, they might get back together. But back to Ben and Sadie... i like that they arent compatible. I think Ben makes sadie more laid back. Also... did anyone catch thhe ending!!!! Ben had his arm around Sadie!!! and then she rested her head on him!!! they are so cute together!!!!!