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Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 15

Meet the Hawthornes

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Meet the Hawthornes
Afraid that Walter and Jean will get happily involved and embarrass her, Sadie decides not to tell her parents that she is going out on her first date with Ben. Despite their objections, Margaret and Hal are forced to share the spotlight in a theme night event at Acropolis Wow planned out by Rain.moreless

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  • Sadie and Ben go on their first date together while she doesn't tell her parents. Meanwhile, Rain has to put together a "That 70s Night" at the Wow.

    I thought this was one of the better episodes. It made me laugh outloud when Walter and Jean were dancing and Ben joined in. It definately took the cake, when he was brushing the dirt off of his shoulder and the Hawthornes were doing it too. It was just too funny when the Hawthornes went into song and were dancing, I didn't see that coming. It was so sweet when Ben showed up downstairs with some veggie "brews" (sp?) and it was annoying that they didn't kiss again! I'm just really proud of the show in general because they're making a giant turnaround from last season where it nearly tanked. So yes, Rain was funny too when he sang, he's so bad!moreless
  • Sadie doesnt tell her parents that she and Ben are going on Sadie's first date, Sadie gets embarrassed when her parents unexpectedly show up.

    This was a really great episode!!!! i loved it!!! i am soooooooooooo mad that Ben and Sadie didnt kiss again... this whole almost kissing thing is starting to get me a little poed. i think that is focused to much on rain, margret, and hal ( who was actually in this episode!!!! ) and not enough on Ben and Sadie. now that Ben and Sadie finally went on a date ( even though it was a little weird ) i am curious to know how the writers are going to persue their relationship. i think that since they went on a date, they really cant prolong the kiss to much longer. the reason why i classified this as Nothing Happened ( in case you didnt already figure it out ) is because sadie and ben did not kiss again! lets see... how many times did they almost kiss??? um... * Calculating * five times!!! its starting to get really really really old, and its also getting repititious ( i hope thats a word, if not, i mean it keeps happening over and over again. )moreless
  • A semmingly normal night at Acropolis Wow turns out millions of things go horribly wrong.

    Ben finnaly asks Sadie on a date to Acropolis Wow where things go horribly wrong when Sadies parents show up, and make a fool of Sadie. Meanwhile Rain organizes a 70\'s night theme at the resturant, and hires Margret and Hal to preform together, which ends up a huge mess at first then turns out veary interesting.
Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte Arnold

Sadie Hawthorne

Jasmine Richards

Jasmine Richards

Margaret Browning-Levesque

Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley

Hal Hawthorne

Michael D'Ascenzo

Michael D'Ascenzo

Rainbow "Rain" Papadakis

Collette Micks

Collette Micks

Jean Hawthorne

Recurring Role

Richard Clarkin

Richard Clarkin

Walter Hawthorne

Recurring Role

Jacob Kraemer

Jacob Kraemer

Ben Harrison

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Rain: (teaching dance moves) Stir the porridge, stire the porridge. Drive the car, drive the car. Honk the horn, honk the horn!
      Hal: This is dumb, this is dumb.

    • Rain: The point is, I really see myself more as a number one manager.
      And you are the only two people I know who can sing. And I really, really, really could use your help.
      Hal: And.
      Rain: I'll give you my undying respect.
      Margaret: And.
      Rain: Gratitude?
      Hal: This is still free, Rain.
      Rain: That's 130 bucks.
      Hal and Margaret: Each.
      Rain: Fine each.

    • Margaret: Rain, what is he doing here!?
      Hal: What is he doing here? What is he doing here? Yeah, what am I doing here?

    • Jean and Walter: (singing) Someone has a date.
      Hal: It's not a date.
      Jean: Course it isn't, honey. Do you need a ride?
      Walter: Maybe we can drop you off?
      Jean: Pick you up?
      Walter: Meet the girl?
      Jean: Hang out for a while?
      Walter: You'll never know we were there.
      Hal: Yeah right. Last time you came, you brought baby pictures. Of me in the bathtub.

    • (Everyone is singing as if it were a showtune)
      Sadie: One date with Ben Harrison and I'm feeling great.
      Jean: Two is not your curfew. Ya better be home by eight.
      Walter: Three's too many people, if you're going to have the perfect date.
      Hal: Four people singing. This is the stuff I really hate.

    • Ben: Date?
      Sadie: Yes!
      Ben: No, the date. Do you know today's date?
      Ben: Date?
      Sadie: Yes!
      (Ben gives her dates to eat)
      Ben: Date!
      Sadie: (drinking milk) Yes!
      Ben: No, as in expiration date!
      (Sadie spits the milk out)

    • Jean: (referring to Sadie) My motherly instinct is telling me we should go talk to her.
      Walter: I don't know, Jean. My mothely instinct is telling me she might need some time alone.
      Jean: That's nonsense!
      Walter: Maybe we should wait till she's no longer mad at us.
      Jean: I'm not waiting until college.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Gold Rush

      The little dance that Ben did with the forked rolls is from the Charlie Chaplin film The Gold Rush in which the Lone Prospector (Chaplin) performs the same for Georgia, the lady he was in love with. The scene was called The Oceana Roll in the 1925 release, and renamed The Dance of the Dinner Rolls in the 1942 narrated re-release.

    • Show: That 70s Night was an allusion to That 70s Show.

    • Title: The movies Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers are allusions to this episode's title.