Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 12

Prêt à Porter

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 29, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Margaret and Arden compete in a fashion contest.

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. And might be one of my favorites of all time. I liked how Sadie and Margarets friendship gets put to the test in this and then Sadie finds out the truth about Margarets designs.

    The best part in the episode would be when Sadie modeled Margarets Finale Dress. Sadie finds out that the finale dress that Margaret was inspired by experiences that Margaret had with her friends. So when she took to the runway it was all that much more special. The song while she was modeling made it even more special to watch.

    (Im still trying to find what the title of that song was >:o) if anyone can help out there, please do.
  • it was a average episode i'm kinda dissapointed i was hoping to see more badie

    i like think this is the first time sadie and margarett argue and then afterwards sadie chooses to be her model after modeling for Ms. popularity arden. though what kinda dissapoints me is that sadie and ben barely talk infact he only tells her "picture perfect". what i thought was surprising is now they reveal what ben likes to do for a hobby: photography and what does rain do on the job he talks to girls instead of helping ben do his photagraphy stuff and supposingly hal models what ever happened to his music career oh well margarett and sadie eventually befriend each other again and so does ben and rain

    it was a okay way to end a season i guess we'll have to wait till "rashoman" for sadie/ben to happen
  • "Pret a Porter" was a great episode of "Naturally, Sadie", which further showed Margaret and Sadie's relationship.

    "Pret a Porter" was a great episode of "Naturally, Sadie", which further showed Margaret and Sadie's relationship. It also had a lot of funny moments. I put it as "Character development" because it showed a deeper relationship between Sadie and Margaret. It also showed how Hal fits in with the relationship and all the things Margaret does for the whole Hawthorne family. I thought it was funny how Hal was showing Sadie how to model with all of the moves. I also thought that Margaret's designs were very unique. I'm glad that she won the contest. I was also glad that Sadie came to help Margaret win in the end. It showed true friendship. Overall, I thought that "Pret a Porter" was a great episode and I can't wait to see the rest of season 2.
  • Sadie starts out being Margaret\'s model in a fashion design contest, but ends up causing some chaos when Margaret\'s designs are...unique.

    Well...not exactly what I had hoped for, but still a good episode. Sadie\'s understandment of Margaret deepens and kind of makes her realizes why she is friends with her.
    I\'m glad that even when Sadie became Arden\'s model, she ended up going back to her friend. Yeah, typical Disney and all, but everyone loves a happy ending.
    It was good to see Hal again in this episode. You don\'t realize it, but he really does add a lot of spice to the show. Hopefully he won\'t disappear like that again!
    As for the Ben and Sadie thing, I was definetly disappointed. I had hoped there would be more action between the two. But, as I said before, typical Disney. They have to wait until practically the last episode to make them kiss.
    Well, I can\'t wait until the next new episode! And if you haven\'t seen this episode, see it. It isn\'t one you want to miss for the growing friendship between Sadie and Margaret.