Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Sep 10, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Fred sets out to find who was the main cause of a food fight at Acropolis Wow by interrogating each person who was involved, but soon discovers that their stories conflict with each other. am i supposed to say spoiler after this?? if so, then spoiler!

    omg how cute was this eppy!!! i thought it was cute when ben went into sadie's place where she thinks. i was upset that ben said: " So this is where sadie goes when she has that blank stare on her face... i always thought she was thinking about kissing me..." it sounded a little conceded. but i loved the fact that they included the thing with ben and arden, because it shows that arden is defenatley not a threat to ben and sadies relationship. it was soo funny when ben dumped the bucket of snow on ardens head and said : Hows that for a moment? "
  • A food fight occurs at Acropolis Wow because of a conflict between Sadie and Ben.

    I thought this episode is almost the best yet. It shows extreme development between Ben and Sadie's relationship. We know they are going to get together [offically], but we don't know exactly when.
    I think Ben may have something planned for a first kiss between him and Sadie, that's why he didn't kiss her in this episode.
    The whole Arden/Ben thing I think was a good way to show that Ben wasn't interested. It finally gets her of his back.
    As for the brooch Ben gave Sadie, I thought that was really cute. It shows that they will get together. =]
    So if you haven't seen the episode, I suggest seeing it. Good development between Sadie/Ben!