Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Sep 10, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In the episode Best of Enemies from Season 1, it was revealed that Sadie is a vegetarian. On Sadie's vegetable kebab she was eating in this episode, it appeared that there was a piece of meat on the end of it.

  • Quotes

    • (Rain has just told his version of what he said to Ben in the bathroom)
      Fred: I think you lost us after "as I was combing my mustache". You. Goldilocks. Your turn.
      (Rain burts into the bathroom in flashback)
      Rain: There you are!
      Ben: You've got to stop following me in here.
      Rain: Right. Say, want to go to Acropolis Wow tonight?
      Ben: No, I don't really want to go out tonight.
      Rain: Oh c'mon, it'll be fun! I'll buy you an Acropolis Wow burger and fries!
      (back in Acropolis Wow)
      Margaret: You had to bribe him?
      Rain: Hey, free food's all I got!

    • Sadie: (to Rain and Margaret) Thanks you two. I've never had two friends plot behind my back before. It was kind of cool.
      Margaret: (pulling out her book) And you're going to read all about it in Chapter 7.
      Sadie: You guys go on without me. I think I owe someone an apology.
      Margaret: Okay, but call me as soon as you get home.
      Rain: (emotionally) And call me right after that, and don't leave anything out. I need to know it all, sister.

    • Rain: (talking/playing by himself) Hey Arden. I knew one day you'd look past the time I had to take gym in my underwear and see me for who I really am. Yours. (pretending to be Arden) Oh Rain, you're so right. I'm sorry I just didn't see it before.
      Arden: Hey Rain. What are you doing?
      Rain: (talking fast and feeling paranoid) Nothing. Who says I'm doing anything because I'm not. I swear! Nothing at all. Please don't
      Arden: It's okay. Dreaming of the impossible is what this country was built on. Want to tell me what's going on?
      Rain: Going on? What do you mean?
      Arden: Come on. You and Margaret are Hawthorne's best friends and I know you're planning something to get her back with Ben.
      Rain: Even if we are, which I'm not saying we are. But we are, I'd never tell you. Ever.
      Arden: If you do, I'll hold your hand for three seconds.
      Rain: Not good enough, Arden.
      (Arden grabs Rain's hand)
      Rain: (talking fast): Sadie and Ben are both going to Acropolis Wow, but neither of them knows the other one is going. Once they're there, we're hoping that they're going to talk and everything will go back to normal.
      Arden: Now was that so hard?

    • Rain: (voiceover) The plan went into action when Ben found me in the boys' bathroom as I was grooming my mustache.
      Ben: Rain, thank goodness I found you. My life's a mess. You're the only one who can make it right.
      Rain: Dude, you really got to stop following me in here. (sighs) Yeah. You got it bad, brother. But I'll tell you what, Big Daddy Rain is going to take you to the Wow tonight. But if a chick walks by, let me do the talking. I can't spend the rest of my life doing damage control.
      Ben: Thank you! Thank you so much!
      Rain: Chimo.

    • Rain: (to Ben) Margaret has given me explicit instructions on what you're supposed to do. You have to tell Sadie the truth about the lie. Or was it lie about the half truth? Quarter lie about the whole truth? In a nutshell, you gotta lie.

    • Rain: (pretending to photograph) Okay Arden. Great. Just think of the flash as two hearts colliding.
      Margaret: Hey Rain, what are you doing?
      Rain: (talking fast and being paranoid) Nothing. Who says I'm doing anything because I'm not. I swear! Nothing at all. Please don't tell Arden.

    • Ben: Hey Rain. What are you doing?
      Rain: (talking fast) Nothing. Who says I'm doing anything cause I'm not. I swear! Nothing at all. Please don't tell Arden.
      Ben: I'm not even sure I could explain this to her. Speaking of which, I'm doing a photo shoot of Arden. You want to be my assistant?
      Rain: Me? Assist you? In photographing Arden Alcott? That's like asking, "Do I want to gorge myself in baklava while sitting in pudding?".
      Ben: Great. Tomorrow nights, but never mention pudding again.

    • Sadie: (to Ben) So, big night tonight. Huh? You. Me. Fighting for endangered frogs. It almost sounds like we're superheroes. "Frog Girl and Amphibian Boy to the rescue".

    • Sadie: (to Margaret) Wow! You are really smart! You should write a self-help book!
      Margaret: Actually, I have. Margaret: Brains and Beauty.

    • Arden: Oh, how cute. Hawthorne pretending to put on makeup.
      Sadie: Yep, and Arden's pretending to have friends.

    • Arden: (to Ben) Anyway, it's my Mom and Dad's anniversary and I struggled with what to get them. Then it hit me. A photo album of me, you know? A bunch of shots of me doing stuff biking, skiing, hiking...
      Ben: Scheming, manipulating...
      Arden: Exactly!

    • Sadie: (talking to camera, voiceover) So a guy walks into a bar with a northern leopard frog on his head. The waiter says, "How did that happen?". The northern leopard frog says, "It all started off with a wart on my butt."

    • Fred: Goldielocks, Silver Spoon, Fancy Boots, and Puggle. You all are suspects....but not as big a suspect as...Tiny.

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