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  • Okay, why must they twist every single plot?!

    I just dont get this show at all. they always say they want this but in the end they twist it. i mean its good but they seriously overdid it.
    the acting was pretty er. the newer episodes stopped talking about animals. instead, it talks about her life. so, i gave up on this show already. i really cant stand this show. the only reson why i didnt give it a 1.0 is because they at least tried to make the newer season more entertaining. sadly, in vain :(
    i dont hate this show. its just i think the director and the crew are overdoing it
  • A cut above anything disney ever broad-casted before.

    Naturally Sadie started off as a great show. it was the first kid's show in my generation that had a character that didn't really need to fit in to be happy. Sadie didn't have to wear the most "in" clothes to be confident. I think a lot of tweens didn't like this show for exactly that: it didn't demand you follow the mainstream and that is almost taboo for kids these days. in a world of Hannah Montana and Degrassi, this show didn't fit the cookie cutter. So as the show went downhill in ratings the producers sold out and turned Naturally Sadie into another Lizzie Mcguire and the show lost it's originality. maybe with the nerd counter culture becoming more mainstream more shows like this will eventually come around.
  • Ah those were the days.

    You know I just realized that this show ended and it ended about a year ago. It had sixty-three episodes! WOW! How'd they manage that? I wasn't too quick to judge on this show and I actually gave it a chance, which isn't something I do very often when it comes to TV, the second season as I remember was entirely better than the first and this show came from extremely boring to mildly interesting, which isn't too bad for a semi-educational show. I'd really like to know how the show ended but since I missed it I'll take the memories I have to heart.
  • Sadie wants to be a Natualist because of her love of animals but not any more!

    I used to love this show when it was about the animals Sadie was the first teenager on tv I could acturally kind of relate to. Then what did they do changed it of corse so it was pretty much all about dating! Now its like every other American T.V. show about dating and has little to no mention of animals. I think the only way I could relate to Sadie now is if I was a drama queen with no brain cells and no respect to anyone else. Once I would have given this show 8.5 and said it was my new best friend.
  • highschool girl likes animals

    Naturally Sadie focuses on the life of highschool girl Sadiw Hawthorne and her interest in animals. She aspires to be a naturalist and works in a pet shop. Her friends ad her are put into many situations some of which are embarassing or difficult to deal with but in the end they always pull through. This is not an overly enjoyable program and is frankly bland. The humour is weak and the acting not that good or up to standards to what one would expect. The plots are quite terrible. Sadies constant attempts to see humans as animals (or more correctly as non human animals showing animalistic behaviour) is somewhat frustrating when it is obvious they are not so primitive.If you were expecting The Wild Thornberrys, don't. It's nowhere near as enjoyable.
  • Light but charming..

    I probably do not fit into the typical age group of this show because I am legally an 'adult'... but I love it.. ok so maybe it is not deep and dramatic but due to its light and charming nature no matter what mood I am in I want to watch it and will always feel compelled to sit down and devoure every action. It may be similar to Lizzie McGuire yes but this show is more substantial and does not try to be so dramatic.. it is educational but also a 'soapie'.. plus yes Ben is quite appealing and Sadie is just cute and endearing!
  • BRING IT BACK! No seriously. this is one of the best shows ever! its about a tomboy who kind of a geek and no one really understands her. but she's always got her two friends, Rain and Margret to have her back. :)

    I know a bunch of people hated it, but i'm so sad it got cancelled!!! :( i really did like it a lot and although i liked the first season much better than the second i still felt for it! it was such a good show to me, one of my favorites. when it first came out, it used to be my fave show of all times. oh well, i guess we cant always get what we want but i really did like it and dont like how they had to cancel it everywhere in the US. :( oh well... but anyways it great! ^_^
  • Dislike

    I don't really like the show at all. Naturally Sadie seems more of an educational show and like diary entries. I'm not really fond of those kinds of show. A show about nature and all of that. I watched a few of the episodes before, just to wait until another show came, and I found it boring.
  • I have seen about 2 episodes from season 1, 15 episodes from season 2, and 7 episodes from season 3. Anyway a few episodes in season 2 caught my eye so i figured i would give season 3 a try. I'm glad i did. I love Taylor and Rain as a couple.

    I have seen about 2 episodes from season 1, 15 episodes from season 2, and 7 episodes from season 3. Anyway a few episodes in season 2 caught my eye so i figured i would give season 3 a try. I'm glad i did. I love Taylor and Rain as a couple. I put it's a decent show but i gave it 10/10. Why you may ask. I only really watch it now for Rain and Taylor. I love the fact that they used to have sleepovers and they used to pretend they were married and the fact that they were tight when they were little kids and taylor coming back into Rains life and them going out is great.
  • kinda boring but its an alright show.

    I only watch this if there is absolutely nothing on, its sorta interesting but still pretty boring. Sadie Hawthorne is this girl that is obssesed with the enviorment and science and all that stuff. She has a wacky family and 2 best friends she also goes through wierd stuff. Overall this show is okay I don't really like it that much becuase like I said I think its boring and not funny. I would give it a D.
  • The best disney channel/family channel material!

    Usually when I sit down at my tv to watch Disney Channel, I assume my head it going to be filled with nonsensical sitcoms with absolutely no purpose. When I first came across Naturally, Sadie, my idea of that was blown out of the water. Naturally, Sadie is a wonderful series that is funny, yet has depth. The storyline is wonderful, and the you can just fall in love with the characters in an instant. When these actors were cast for their parts, the producers definitely knew what they were doing. The chemistry between Ben and Sadie is amazing, not to mention just how everyone in general meshes together perfectly. But sadly, it will no longer be airing in the U.S. I will miss the show, and hopefully be able to find someone who has taped it. Disney Channel is making a grave mistake with this choice to not air it anymore.

    Sincerely, Linz
  • Why does anybody like this show?

    I really don't like this show I first seen it on Disney Channel and I right away knew this show was not going to last on Disney. The show is just about a teenage girl named Sadie and she likes bugs and stuff outside. Its so boring the actors are not good at all. Its like when they are I can't even explain. Let me just put it in simple words this show. SUCKS!!!!!! so bad I hate it is terrible boring dumb one of the worst shows on eath I hate it I rate this peace of garbage show a 1.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • a 14 year old girl takes a naturalist view on life, including studying and classifying her fellow high school students

    great show! ben and sadie are such a cute couple! i think her hair is WAY better in the curled then straight like in the first season! the episodes get better by the season. i love season 3! it was saddening to know that ben and sadie broke up!! i find that we can releate in many ways to this show. they take it a bit further then people normally would though. most of the things the characters go through occur to everyone. overall it is a great show to watch if you are a middle or high school student.
  • omg i cant believe sadie and ben vroke up the broke my heart

    this show is like the best show ive ever seen well one of them and i know alot of ppl would agree the first season wasnt the greatest i have to say but when the second season came on i got right into it. cuz sadie came out more into a real person and not just soneone who sits and plays with animals and like she got a bf after like a hole season but w.e they were so cute together even tho me and ben would make a better couple sorry sadie lol but when they broke up it just broke my heart but more room 4 me jk its just a show!!!!!!!!!!! lol love the show -sam
  • This show sucks

    Natrally Sadie is a really sucky show. Its boring, plain, and has no point. Its stupid how she compares people to animals and her life to the life of animals. People on the show try to be funny but they're not. And the actors and actresses arent good at acting. Espercially the parents and Hal. Her life isnt like a real teenages girls life in my opinion. Its a lame life... The only character I like is no one because they all suck. I'd rather watch Blues Clues or Tellitubies then watch this sad excuse for a television show.
  • A show that's very much understated, and needs to be shown more often.

    Naturally, Sadie started off a little bland talking about animals and nature, but now... a second season in, with a hot new idea on it's mind. It has the affect of relationships and drama, like what every show seems to have. Though the first season kind of made it more unique and all.. it was sort of boring the audience, so that is why they seemed to have spice it up by adding the hot new character, BEN. lol. Well, what can I say after that? The whole show is watched.. just to see what will happen next with Ben and Sadie; now that's the truth. haha.
  • A decent show!

    It's a pretty good show overall! Some of the good perspectives about this show are that it shows a normal teenager’s life with peer pressure, boyfriend and girlfriend problems, and of course school. The show has the Ben and Sadie relationship thing going on perfectly. This show, however, gets the viewer sometimes a bit impatient. One thing to be impatient would be when Sadie and Ben would kiss and that is what keeps the show running. It is also entertaining to see Arden, the one girl who tries to sabotage their relationship, come up with her schemes and see them all ruined in the end.
  • Naturally, Sadie is a great show!

    Naturally, Sadie is a great show! It teaches good lessons and it has fun-loving characters. Hal is my favorite. This show is about Sadie who deals with family, friends, school, boys, and life in general. She is a smart nature-loving girl who just wants to get through life. Her love interest, Ben, is nice and her friends are goofy, but always have her back. The usual high school stereotypes are all here like: the nerd, the jock, the bratty diva, the wacky ones, the calm guy, the smart people, and the like. Mostly everyone can relate and you can learn important things from this show. This show gets a 9 out of 10 from me.
  • "Naturally, Sadie" is the story of Sadie Hawthorne, a 10th grader, applying her vast knowledge of nature to everyday life which includes her best friends Margaret and Rain, brother Hal, "rival" Arden, and potential boyfriend Ben.

    This show contains a lot of teenager issues. Sadie is trying to get through life without having to deal with too much drama. However, Arden, her so-called "rival," is not helping Sadie's goal because it seems like she is trying to steal of "boyfriend" and ruin her life. Throughout the show, viewers have learned that Arden has problems like everyone else, but she's good at hiding them from the rest of the world. Through all the hardships so far, Ben (Sadie's "boyfriend") and Sadie are still going strong. I love the Ben and Sadie parts of the episodes because they are so adorable. Obviously, they like each other and want to go out, but they still have no kissed yet.
  • Uggg....

    Why is this show even still airing?

    I personally cannot stand this show. It is annoying and is just...weird. I also dont get the point of it. So, it's a high school trying to fit in and stuff like that? Well, thats just weird because there are many better shows that are like that, but those shows are MUCH better then this one. Maybe they should do something to make this show less boring. In fact, they should do something about this show. Frankly, I think they should put this show off air. My rate is a 0 out of 10

    (No offense to anyone that likes the show.)
  • Sadie and Ben forever!

    I love watching this show, I never miss an episode. I want to see what happens next between Sadie and Ben. She's come a long way. Changing her look and some of her personality. Sadie compromised by giving herself a better look, but she says the same. Always trying to save animals, help her friends and her family. She gives a lot of comfort to a lot of young girls. It is hard to get through high school. Sadie shows it's not always easy, but if you have some great friends it makes it better. It's making me mad tho that her and ben haven't kissed. I think that it brought the show back to life by giving her a new love interest. But everything happening between them keeps going back and forth. THey make a step foreward and one step back. When you think they have it figured out it gets more complicated. But they do it to them selves. We know that Ben likes Sadie as much as she likes him, but it seems hard for him to show it. He shows a different side of himself by acting cocky, but then he's completely different with Sadie. I think they bring the best out in each other, but when will they kiss? I hope it happens soon because it's really making me mad, we know they want to but all these things keep getting in the way. Hopefully it will be before the end of the season, but only time will tell.
  • I thought Disney should do better. Nobody watches this. <br /> The actors are horrible at acting.

    This show could have done better! Bad acting! Even im embaressed watching it! I thought disney could have done better! thank goodness it wasnt a disney channel regular! There isnt any point to the episodes and the acting just throws it all off. I wish it couldnt be on disney or tv.
  • A lovely tale of a girl dealing with the trials that all if us face(d) in the world of high school. Bumpy romances, loyal if not quirky friends, complex enemies, and natural wonders await.

    This is one of the more intelligent shows on Disney Channel at the moment. It is refreshing to see characters who act out realistic lives (with a little artistic license of course). I know it doesn't have the shock value of Hannah Montana or Raven, which I think is why it is underappreciated on a channel that loves flash so much, but it depicts situations that we all experience or did experience back in high school--having petty disputes with friends, being in that relationship that just won't seem to get going, and all the while dreaming of a life filled with a wonderful career after school. The actors are great, the story is sweet, and I hope the feedback from this season will prompt Disney to do some better advertising for the show.

    If you want to see it on DVD go to, search for it, register, and vote for the seasons to be released.
  • Why is this airing?

    This is a show that lowers the interest of a bunch of people. I can't understand why people can like a show like Naturally Sadie when I just change the channel when the theme song comes on (it is worth pig's vomit.) So a girl interested in nature ang bugs a stuff like that so what that is why I feel it is so boring. That Hal guy is a stupid person and that is the only non-serious character. All of the others are 100% serious and won't cal down about things. So if I were you I wouldn't watch this.
  • A nice show that more people should watch.

    It used to be about a girl named Sadie observing how nature and humans are simalir, but in seaon 2 it is less about that and more about Saides life. One thing I don't like about the show is how petty she can get and those weird little colages they show. The general theme in season 2 is Sadie and Ben almost kissing. I think that soon they will. People don't watch this show because the first season was a little boring but the second season is a lot better. If you didn't like the first season at least try the second.
  • Funny, smart and entertaining. Sadie is Natural...

    I LOVE to watch Naturally Sadie. I really enjoy it. The friendship with her and Margaret is just fabolous. The relationship with Sadie and Ben is so sweet. And I'm glad that they're not rushing into the whole kissing thing. Cause their relationship is special and they need to savour every moment they have together. I love that. Good job. Can't wait for future episodes.
  • nothin beats naturally sadie

    ok, i get that some people dont like this show. (some of them live with me.) but, come on, a complete waste of time?!?!?!? i think not. i wouldnt go as far as to call it and art form, but this show is truly great. i love it. the first season stank, but the second season has more than made up for it. most of the plot lines are really good (and im running out of synonyms for fabulous) and the acting is superb. sure, it has its ups and downs, but so does every show. naturally sadie beats all.

    and jacob krarmer isnt half bad either.
  • Who thought of this trash?

    This show is not a good show. It has terrible acting in it, not very good storylines, oh yeah, the jokes are gross and unfunny! I don't think that this show is a very good show at all. I really don't like the acting at all! I especially don't like the character of sadie and her brother, or her best friend either. It's almost as bad as the suite life of Zack and Cody. Almost. The suite life is still terrible. I do not reccomend this show for any age. Turn off the tv if you see it on. you'll be doing yourself a favor.
  • Sadie is a normal girl, smart spunky and trying to cope with a teens everyday life but she also loves nature and bugs and her life goal is to be a scientist.

    I love this show SOOO much! The first season was kind of slow but i still liked it but the second season is way better because Ben Harrison (hottie)!! Sadie along with her two best friends Margaret Browning-Levesque and Rain (short for Rainbow)Papadakis and big brother Hal Hawthorne sometimes get themselves into some trouble especailly rain and Hal and also deal with Dating (Sadie and Ben) and school snobs (Arden Alcott) Parents Margarets are never around and it seems like Hals and Sadies are always around. Its an amazing show and i advise anybody who watched the first season to watch the second and they'll fall in love with it!!!
  • Sadie is an interesting girl and she has a Lot of Spunk. The First season was about her interest in wild life as a whole. The second season sets a romantic interest that keep watchers wanting more.

    Sadie Hawthorn is really a spunky girl with a unike personality. She gets tounge tied very easily. She always has her friends to turn to when she needs help. The First Season is about her love for animal wildlife and stuff.It was nice, but could have been "spiced up" a bit if you know what I mean. The second season adds a cutie to the mix. The new kid named Ben Harrison, he takes an interest in her. They get on eachother's nerves but each start to like the other. The relationship grows steadliy and they make a cute "couple", although they are not going out. Rain and Margret have their own side conflicts in every episode. There seems to be a growing friendship between them as they get to one another and Sadie better. This is a sweet series about bieng your self as weird as you may be.
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