Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 1

Risky Business

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Apr 02, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • A very good show! :)

    "Risky Business" is an immensely good episode, and is an episode that is very unique. It was really exciting compared to the other dull episodes from the first season :). Sadie gets a makeover, not only in terms of her physical appearance, but as well as in terms of personality, while still retaining her nerdish facets. She becomes more confident, more girly, as well as more risky! To spark up the unexciting love life of Sadie in the first season, she encounters a new lover, a condescending, cute guy named Ben Harrison. Anyway, this show is a must watch and you should definitely tune into it! :)
  • Its Sadie's second year at high school and there are alot of changes. Hal doesn't have braces anymore and Saide now has curly hair and Sadie now likes a new boy.Saide and Margaret make up a list to do something for fun.

    This episdoe was ok. I really liked the new theme song for the second season and I also like Saide's new look. It was kind of funny and I liked how Hal doesn't have braces anymore. The second season looks better than the first and atleast this epsidoe didn't have to do with investigating something.
  • An exccelent turn around for the series

    i thought that the biggining of season 2 was a great turn around for the show. i guess they decided to change the style because the first season was soooooo dull and now sadie is now more girly and the show isnt as weird as it used to be. i can see that this season will be good and it is an exceelent come back from the first season.
  • Season two premieres with Sadie and everyone else having a new look and new changes with everyone.

    I have to admit, this episode makes season 1 look horrible. It was great with Sadie's new look and Margaret's hair (that looks like extentions) and everyone else. So Basically Sadie seems like she has feelings for the new kid Ben but it's still difficult to figure out if she still likes Owen. Vivian and Rain seem to be getting closer and it's possible that Hal might become less gross. So yes, this season looks like the show is definately making a turn-around.
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