Naturally, Sadie - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Sliding Closet Doors
    Sadie has to decide on a shirt for school, pink or blue. Margaret tells her the one she chooses will have a lasting effect on what takes place today. Which will she choose and what outcome does each shirt have in store for her?
  • As Bad as It Gets
    As Bad as It Gets
    Episode 25
    Sadie's relationship with Ben hits an unexpected snag when Ben's extremely competitive ex-girlfriend shows up with every intention of winning her former beau back. Also, Rain and Hal go into business with Ms. Mann, a partnership that goes sour fast.
  • A Very Sadie Christmas
    Sadie tries her best to find the right Christmas gift for Ben; while Rain is given the responsibility of decorating his family's restaurant for the holidays. Meanwhile, Hal becomes a mall Santa.
  • The Bennett Club
    The Bennett Club
    Episode 23
    Sadie, Rain, Margaret, Arden, and Ben all have Saturday detention. Hal spends his day in the life of a mall cop.
  • Rules Rush In
    Rules Rush In
    Episode 22
    Sadie and Margaret have to give advice to students in need.
  • Two of a Kind
    Two of a Kind
    Episode 21
    Bickering between Sadie and Hal is driving Walter crazy, especially with his family in town for a visit.
  • English Patience
    English Patience
    Episode 20
    Hal must make up a missed English assignment from last year, which lands him temporarily in the same class as Sadie, whom he seems determined to embarrass.
  • Working Stiffs
    Working Stiffs
    Episode 19
    Rain gets Sadie a job waiting tables at Acropolis Wow, but he ends up regretting it when Sadie's impressive performance earns her the promotion that he has been after.
  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Plans for the school's Halloween dance get underway, with Sadie given the cringe-worthy task of taking orders from Arden. Meanwhile, zombie teens seem to be roaming the halls of R.B. Bennett High School.
  • Match Me If You Can
    Match Me If You Can
    Episode 17
    To Sadie's chagrin, a computerized matchmaking service declares that she and Ben are incompatible, while Margaret and Jamie are determined to be a perfect couple.
  • Play It Again, Sadie
    A school drama production brings out Sadie's jealous side when Arden is chosen to play Ben's love interest, and it's a part that involves some kissing.
  • Meet the Hawthornes
    Meet the Hawthornes
    Episode 15
    Afraid that Walter and Jean will get happily involved and embarrass her, Sadie decides not to tell her parents that she is going out on her first date with Ben. Despite their objections, Margaret and Hal are forced to share the spotlight in a theme night event at Acropolis Wow planned out by Rain.moreless
  • The Mask
    The Mask
    Episode 14
    Frustrated with Ben's sarcasm and his refusal to open up to her, Sadie begins to wonder whether she really wants to be with him or not. It doesn't help the situation when she meets another boy who shares a lot of the same interests as her. Meanwhile, Rain uses his temporary new role as the school mascot as a way of getting to know more about Vivian.moreless
  • Rashômon
    Episode 13
    Fred sets out to find who was the main cause of a food fight at Acropolis Wow by interrogating each person who was involved, but soon discovers that their stories conflict with each other.
  • Prêt à Porter
    Prêt à Porter
    Episode 12
    At a fashion competition, Margaret picks Sadie to model her extremely original clothing designs; Rain spends time eyeing pretty girls when he's supposed to be helping Ben take pictures of the event.
  • The Great Outdoors
    The Great Outdoors
    Episode 11
    On a school fieldtrip to the outdoors with Mr. Klatt-Meyer, Sadie leads the girls in an orienteering competition against Ben and the boys. Meanwhile, Jean and Walter spend the day taking care of J.P.
  • The Parent Trap
    The Parent Trap
    Episode 10
    After Ben and Sadie are assigned a school assignment where they have to be parents to a lifelike baby doll, the two argue over the proper way of taking care of a child. Rain discovers that girls are drawn to him when he is around the baby doll. Meanwhile, Margaret is given the responsibility of watching her energetic little stepsister for the whole day at school.moreless
  • Brother From Another Planet
    To avoid being grounded due to their continuous fighting, Sadie and Hal try their best to get along so that they can attend the school’s bowling party. A conflicted Margaret wonders whether she should reveal a secret that she is keeping from Sadie and the boy she likes. Meanwhile, Rain prepares to be the sports commentator for the event.moreless
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 8
    Sadie gets in over her head after she agrees to go to the homecoming dance with both Ben and Owen. Meanwhile, Rain and Margaret compete against each other to win concert tickets by attempting to raise the most money for the school football team.
  • The Upside of Anger
    Jean decides to enroll a reluctant Sadie and her friends in a self-defense class so that she can spend some with her daughter. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get closer with Vivian, Rain joins the class. Meanwhile, Walter brings out a fantasy role playing game in hopes of doing some bonding with Hal.moreless
  • The Last Waltz
    The Last Waltz
    Episode 6
    When Ben asks Sadie to be his ballroom dance partner for P.E., Arden mysteriously wants to hang out and study with her. To avoid failing the class, Margaret pairs up with Rain after she mistakenly believes he is a great ballroom dancer.
  • Election
    Episode 5
    Hoping to make a difference, Sadie decides to run for school President. When someone unexpectedly enters the race and uses some shady tactics against her, will Sadie resort to the same underhandedness to win the election?
  • Maximum Overdrive
    Maximum Overdrive
    Episode 4
    Sadie slowly becomes overwhelmed when she agrees to help her friends and family with their tasks. Meanwhile, Rain decides to take short cuts with different things in order to save time.
  • Home Alone
    Home Alone
    Episode 3
    In order to have the house all to herself while her parents go out on a Friday night, Sadie agrees to help Hal get a date with the most popular girl in school. Meanwhile, Rain and Margaret attempt to be opposites so that they can avoid being labeled a couple.
  • Year of the Dragon
    Year of the Dragon
    Episode 2
    Sadie is eager to plan a funding raising dance to help save the endangered Komodo dragon, but her ideas for the event clashes with those of Ben and the other students. Meanwhile, Rain, Margaret, and Hal each manipulate the event for their own benefit.
  • Risky Business
    Risky Business
    Episode 1
    School is back in session and Sadie wants to start off with a bang. She and Margaret attempt to complete five risks on a list in three days with the loser having to wear a goofy outfit picked by the winner. Meanwhile, Rain who is having a difficult time talking to Vivian turns to Hal for advice on girls.moreless