Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 26

Sliding Closet Doors

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jan 14, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • This was about Sadie choosing to wear a blue or pink shirt and imaginging what could happen when she wears one or the other. Pink- She ends up with a guy named chris. Blue- She ends up with Ben. Ben and Sadie kiss. Who will she choose???

    This was a really adorable episode. I loved the ben and sadieness in it. I hope she choose blue so bad I love them together so much!! Chris is a jerk that had no business being around Sadie and shouldn't of have just randomly walked up and asked her out. Arden was a jerk in this episode too and had no right to send that message to ben. she wanted Ben for herself - or should I say "Benjamin". But nevertheless this was my favorite episode and unfortunealty I couldn't tape it so Im dying to see it once more!
  • A outfit opened doors whether she was gonna go with Ben or Chris.

    So sadie gets ready to impress Ben and on the way out the door Hal gets orange drink on her paper.Which makes her late and she runs into Chris.She plans to meet him later.Arden was wearing the same shirt she was and she turned out wearing her gym shirt.Chris and Sadie talk about the moose mirgration but end up talking about Sadie asking Ben out and her giving him a hug for the advice.Ben walks in when their having their hug and walks out and Hal walks in and saids something mean.She calls Ben and when he comes he dogs her out.Chris comes back to pay for the drinks so then they talk and walk home together.This what have happen if she worned the pink out fit.

    The blue outfit would have landed her with Ben.Which outfit will she pick that will be answer in the next season can't wait till it comes out.Hope she picks blue not only because thats my favorite color, they look good together.
  • This was the best episode by far, did she choose the blue or the pink shirt?

    This was an exciting episode! I was at the edge of my seat, literally. Sadie had to choose if she was going to wear the blue or pink shirt and it showed the different out comes. The blue shirt had a great out come, her and Ben finally kissed! The pink shirt had a bad outcome, her and Ben would break up (before they officially started going out). In the end it came back to the beginning and Sadie asked which shirt she should wear, and it ended on a great cliff hanger. I was practically screaming 'pick the blue shirt!' I hope she does and she starts dating Ben.
  • luved it!

    o my god!! i luved this!!! i need to kno which shirt she chooses!! i want her to pick the blue shirt so she gets to kiss ben [[!!!!!!]] AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! i need to find out!!! i cant wait for the next season!!!!!!!!! sadie and ben BETTER get together or im going to pull my hair out!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! pertect!!! this episode was the perfect way to end the season!!!!! i want them to get together!!! ive been waiting all season fo them to set toghether!!!! and now when they finally do... they dont tell u if the actually do!!!! =]
  • This is a really great episodes.Saide has two choose betwwen two diffent shirts each shirt sbyils a diffent guy. Blue ben Pink chirs

    Sadie has two choose between two diffent shirts and it show what happen if and choose each shrit when she choose the blue shirt she will have a great moring be on time find out that ben wants to ask her out and be first to the slad bar.

    If she choose pink she be late run it two a guy name chris whit flyer about moose camp and he thought he could put one it saide lock with out her knowing becuse she never late but she it late. Then she get luch detion for being late to school and does get any slad.

    Ben was text her in the hall way when she come in and dops his phone and Arden get it phone. Sadie is metting ben at the wild. while she waiting Arden text her from ben phone and break up whit her.
  • An awesome episode in which they explore the butterfly effect and everything that can happen with parallel universes.

    I usually don't like this show, because their lighting is way too bright and totally washes out the view, but this one was great. I loved the way it was really mature, and it told about something really cool, the butterfly effect. Also, they wrote, directed, and filmed it really well. It was easy to follow, and had just the right kind of comedy, with all of the references to the parallel story line. I always wonder, "What would happen if I had...". Totally great. I just might want to watch this show more.
  • this was an exciting episode. sadie has to choose between two shirts. but the shirts are also just mediphores for two different guys! What to choose.

    i loved this episode! i thought that this was very origonal. it had a great story line. it shows how sadie and margret can really get into things and over think things too much. i really wonder what she would have chosen to where it never did show what she chose. it really makes you think if she is really in love with ben or in denial about chris. i cant wait until the next episode or the next season. things are starting to take a turn with ben and sadie, it can go wrong, or go somewhere great. this has nothing to do with this but i kind of miss how sadie was all into science. oh well i still like this season better. props to the writer! great epi.
  • Well this episode is my favorite of all of them!it is exciting and i love it! Sadie gets confused on what shirt to wear to school so they show what her day will be like in each of the two shirts she has to choose from! If she wears her blue shirt, ben

    and her will start going out and they will kiss!!! but if she wears her pink shirt the same as arden alcot then ardin will somhow get ahold of bens phone and break up with sadie via txt message! then Arden tells ben to meet her at the wow at 4 and he shows up right when sadie is hugging that chris guy! ben gets mad and leaves while arden feels satisfied with what she did! Sadie was only hugging chris because he told her to call ben and tell him how she feels and ask him out then sadie cant find ben any where so chris walks her home. while all this is going on hal keeps critisizing sadie on her shirts both of them! so in the end sadie and ben are going out if sadie wears the blue shirt and her and chris might go out if she wears the pink shirt so it is a mixed out come ethier way! i hope sadie goes out with ben because he is HOT!!!
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