Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 8

The Graduate

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 22, 2007 on Disney Channel
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The Graduate
Sadie becomes worried that Hal is being taken advantage of when he falls for a college girl; Rain learns that his lifelong crush likes him, but he is dating Taylor.

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  • Rain told Taylor what he always dreamed off he had and hopes he still has with her.

    I finally saw this episode. Anyway it was not as painful as feared but i still can't believe Rain almost ruined a life long friendship. I honestly thought Rain was going to be a huge slimeball this episode. He was in a few parts but i thought once Taylor broke up with him he was going to be happy go lucky. He left Taylor 76 Messages before he took margarets advice to try his luck with vivian. So Rain knew he made a mistake right away. He Ran after Taylor then Left her 76 messeges. Finally when Rain apoligized and said what he did it was real sweet. I loved how Bossy Taylor was at the end. Rain deserved all of it but he also deserved to get a 2nd chance and both happened. Rain got what he deserved and he also got Taylor back which he also deserved. He made a mistake a lot of guys could make. Finally getting a girlfriend then finding out a life long crush likes you could make anybody do stupid things.moreless
  • Rain discovers that he is now crush material since dating Taylor, but must decide whether it is worth losing Taylor to win an old crush. Hal takes his chances with a college student contrary to Sadie's advice.(for full summary visit Episode thread)moreless

    I felt this episode almost switched Rain and Hal's personalities completely, It showed Hal's vulnerability and Rains slimier side. Mix it with Sadie and Margaret's wisdom, the musical stylings of Kate Todd (Radio Free Roscoe) and the always humorous and quick writing of the shows screen writers and you have another great episode. The only thing I missed was my weekly dose of Ben Harrison, memo to self must watch two episodes of Season 2 and call the doctor in the morning.moreless
Michael D'Ascenzo

Michael D'Ascenzo

Rainbow "Rain" Papadakis

Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte Arnold

Sadie Hawthorne

Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley

Hal Hawthorne

Jasmine Richards

Jasmine Richards

Margaret Browning-Levesque

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    • Rain: Hey. Thanks for seeing me.
      Taylor: It's kind of hard not to. You're right in front of me. You have one minute to explain yourself, if I don't like you're answer I'm speed dialing my Dad and you can deal with him, buster. The "buster" was my dad talking.
      Rain: I've had a crush on Vivian for nearly two years. But every time I'd try and talk to her I'd get to nervous and ramble and make weird noises until today when I said exactly what I wanted.
      Taylor: You're the worst apologizer ever!
      Rain: You don't get it. The reason I didn't get nervous today wasn't because I was relaxed with Viv. It was because I didn't care if she liked me or not.
      Taylor: You didn't?
      Rain: No, and when Vivian walked away I realized that what I've dreamed of with her, is what I've always had with you and what I hope I can still have.
      Taylor: (grabs Rain's hand) That may be the sweetest thing anybody has ever said to me Rainbow. (twist Rain's arm)
      Rain: Ow.
      Taylor: But it's not good enough.
      Rain: No, Taylor... Taylor... wait. I'll do anything for you to give me one more chance.
      Taylor: Ok. Stand on the counter, pour milkshake on you're head, and sing the campfire song in you're underwear.
      Rain: You know, within reason?
      (Taylor brings out phone and presses speed dial)
      Rain: Ok, Ok.
      (runs to the chairs and climbs on top of the Wow counter)
      Rain: Were you ever in Québec stowing timber on the deck. Is it necessary to embarrass me?
      Taylor: I'm not embarrassing you. I'm just making sure no girl in Whitby ever sees you as boyfriend material again… ah I said in you're underwear, buster.
      Rain: (takes off pants and starts to sing) Hey oh where you go, Donkey Riding, Donkey Riding. Hey oh where you go riding on a donkey. Hey oh where you go riding on a donkey.
      Margaret: Finally the curse is broken.
      (Taylor smiles)

    • Rain: (Leaving Taylor a message) Hi Taylor, This is message number seventy six. Still hoping you'll call me back and let me explain. Bye…Again.

    • Rain: (talking to Margaret) So… makes hand signals) This means Taylor's right behind you, not coast is clear keep being a jerk…I know that (runs to the door) Now… Taylor. (Rain runs after her)

    • Rain: Margaret, I know the curse, right the curse.
      Margaret: It's more than the curse. Look if you're going to be a slime ball at least be a decent slime ball. Break up with Taylor before you start going with Vivian.
      Rain: I know. I just don't know how to do it. I could go to her house but her Dad's there so that's out. I could call her but that seems cold. I could break up with her through mime but she hates mimes plus it's too quiet.
      Taylor: Oh, I know, I know. Maybe you could do it when she's listening over you're shoulder and crush her tiny little heart.

    • Rain: What?
      Margaret: Ok, Look but don't look. Right over you're left shoulder?
      (Margaret smacks Rain)
      Margaret: Too quick. Man you're the worst look but don't look looker ever.
      Rain: What's going on?
      Margaret: Those two girls are checking you out.
      Rain: No, Girls don't check me out.
      Margaret: They do now.
      Rain: What do you mean they do now?
      Margaret: Because you're taken. Once a guy get's a girlfriend other girls think he must be boyfriend worthy. All of a sudden girls who would not give you the time of day are talking to you. Giving you the smiling and touching you're elbow thing. It's called the taken curse.
      Rain: How's that a curse?
      Margaret: Because boy's think they can handle it. But trust me, they can't.
      Rain: It doesn't matter anyway. I'm with Taylor. I'm not interested in anybody else. No matter how much they touch my elbow or smile. So which girls were looking at me?
      (Margaret smacks Rain)
      Margaret: Do not mess with the curse Rain; do not mess with the curse.

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