Naturally, Sadie

Season 3 Episode 8

The Graduate

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 22, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Rain told Taylor what he always dreamed off he had and hopes he still has with her.

    I finally saw this episode. Anyway it was not as painful as feared but i still can't believe Rain almost ruined a life long friendship. I honestly thought Rain was going to be a huge slimeball this episode. He was in a few parts but i thought once Taylor broke up with him he was going to be happy go lucky. He left Taylor 76 Messages before he took margarets advice to try his luck with vivian. So Rain knew he made a mistake right away. He Ran after Taylor then Left her 76 messeges. Finally when Rain apoligized and said what he did it was real sweet. I loved how Bossy Taylor was at the end. Rain deserved all of it but he also deserved to get a 2nd chance and both happened. Rain got what he deserved and he also got Taylor back which he also deserved. He made a mistake a lot of guys could make. Finally getting a girlfriend then finding out a life long crush likes you could make anybody do stupid things.
  • Rain discovers that he is now crush material since dating Taylor, but must decide whether it is worth losing Taylor to win an old crush. Hal takes his chances with a college student contrary to Sadie's advice.(for full summary visit Episode thread)

    I felt this episode almost switched Rain and Hal's personalities completely, It showed Hal's vulnerability and Rains slimier side. Mix it with Sadie and Margaret's wisdom, the musical stylings of Kate Todd (Radio Free Roscoe) and the always humorous and quick writing of the shows screen writers and you have another great episode. The only thing I missed was my weekly dose of Ben Harrison, memo to self must watch two episodes of Season 2 and call the doctor in the morning.
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