Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 11

The Great Outdoors

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 08, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Ben, Ron, and Rain are teamed up against Sadie, Margaret, and Arden in an orienteering excerise in the woods.

    I really liked this episode. Especially the fact that Ben reveals he does like Sadie.
    With the Arden, Sadie, and Margaret team, it shows that Arden can actually feel alone. Arden herself said that she had felt like a third wheel. This allows us to see a side of her that we don't often see as well as her being nice to Sadie.
    With the Rain, Ben, and Ron team, Ben seems to become part of the cast. I think it would be great if Ben [Jacob] would be part of the cast, I believe he is a good actor. Anyways, Ben telling Rain that he likes said forms a connection between the two. This may make it easier for him to get closer to Sadie.
    As for the ending, I have to say that I was hoping for something else. When Ben and Sadie are running to the finish line, doesn't it seem like Ben is going to grab her hand and kiss her?! I was really hoping for that. I even wrote a fanfiction on it!! Well...I guess I hope to much. >.<
    When you get a chance, I think you should definetly see this episode. It's one of the best yet. [not better than Brother from another Planet though!!]
  • this is about sadies class trip to the outdooors and her race against the boys. sadies parents have to babysit margrets little sister, jp.

    this episode was full of people revealing their secrets. i thought that was pretty awesome. i liked when rain got ben to reveal that he likes sadie more than a friend. and when ardin revealed that she has an issue with animals because a dog bit her once a long time ago. and that sadies parents had trouble with jp when they thought that they could handle her but they couldnt but jp ended having fun any way and sadies parents learned something new. i really liked how they added the bear in the script and how the girls left sadie hanging. lol. i hope ben eventually tells sadie how he feels.