Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 10

The Parent Trap

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Jul 01, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Ben and Sadie get teamed up as parents during a class project. Could this be Sadie\'s dream come true or a nightmare?

    I thought this episode was very good. Interesting how they just now introduced Margaret\'s stepsister, J.P.
    Speaking of J.P., I have heard various opinions on her, mainly that she is annoying. I would agree with you, but keep in mind, she is 8. Not that being 8 makes you annoying, but the writers/producers/whatever else are probably making her into that annoying little sister stereotype.
    I think Rain matured a little in this episode. Him being a single \"father\" allowed this to happen.
    Now...Ben and Sadie. Well, I think they would have been successful together if Sadie hadn\'t been so, as she said it, strong-willed. Ben seemed to know what he was doing. Unlike Sadie who was taking it as a competition to be better then Ben. At first, I thought that maybe they wouldn\'t be a good couple because of their extreme differences such as this, but then I realized that they would mature. If [and when] Ben and Sadie get married, they would be much older and hopefully more mature. Sadie and Ben teaming up at the end also showed that they are already maturing.
    So my advice is to see the episode, you won\'t be disappointed.
  • Ben and Sadie become parents for a class project, and find out that their parenting styles are different, to say the least. Rain uses his parenting for class to get girls. Margaret has to deal with her little stepsister, J.P.

    Personally, I thought this episode was great! It is a prime example of why I watch this show. Sadie and Ben are partnered for the project, and they get sick of each other. Ben was his usual self, smug as always. The characters were all written in character. I thought Sadie was hilarious, especially when she was getting ready to hold the baby. I have just one question about this episode: Where in the world is Hal?
    I liked how they brought in a new character, J.P. I think she will fit in well in this series, either as an occasional guest or a full time character...

    In conclusion, This episode was great and certainly entertaining!