Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 21

Two of a Kind

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • It's about the dad's parents coming over and everything has to be a competition between the dad and his brother.

    I hate to rate it low, but i hate this show and this episode a lot. I just don't get how an episode like this get's a superb score when like a super good that's so raven episode get's an eight. It doesn't make sense to me. This episode is terrible. sadie and hal meet their dad's brothers two kids who are weird. The girl wants to put sparklers in a cake and make it explode, thats so stupid. Thats like the only thing that was supposed to be exciting. I feel bad rating it low, but I hate this show and the episode. I tried to give it a chance but it just isn't good and i would rather watch a great show like that's so raven.
  • Sadie and Hal's cousins come for a visit.

    This episode was hilarious!! I LOVED the cousins and how they were extreme versions (and opposites) of Sadie and Hal, and I loved their totally crazy dad. It was funny to see Walter get so competitive with him, and also to hear some of the things in Sadie's diary. The "Save the Walruses!" bit was so good, and seeing the same actor who plays Hal as a total nerd was adorable! I agree that sometimes I wish Sadie was a bit more like her edgy cousin, but in the end, Sadie is way nicer, so I guess it's okay. I watched this episode with my mom, and she was laughing as much as I was!
  • Sadie and Hal's cusins come for a visit

    wow. this was a pretty good episode. not one of my favorites, but it was up there. i liked the fact that katie was like hal and Cal was like sadie. i liked the plot line. i also liked the way katie dressed! lol i liked her style. lol that sounded stupid, but i think i would like sadie more if she was just a smidge more like katie. not drastically like her, just more herself. right now i think sadie is kind of... i dont know what word would describe it the best... preppy? no she's not preppy. i just think sadie should be more of an idividual. anyways back to the episode. i liked that they made family members enter the mix a little, because that was something they didn't do yet. i thought it was really funny when Cal came in with the fire extinguisher saying. Save the walruses!!!! i also liked that they made a reference to ben. it feels like they havent referenced him in such a long time! hopefully what Katie said to Sadie when she was reading her diary made sadie think about where her relationship with ben is going. i dont think there was anything in this episode that i can think of that i disliked, but i'm sure theres some little things i could notice i didnt like after i watch it again. great episode!
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