Naturally, Sadie

Season 2 Episode 19

Working Stiffs

Aired Sunday 6:05 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Sadie takes a job at the Wow, while Ben and Hal make a video together.

    This episode was so funny! I loved the music video, I loved Rain wanting to wish customers happy birthday and I loved Ms. Mann's crazy hair! I thought it was sweet the way Ben looked at Sadie when she was talking to him about her job. He likes her so much! And even though Hal can't believe anyone would have a crush his sister, Ben just wanted to see her stuff in the attic and talk about her. It was also hilarious when Hal said she writes about Ben in her diary even more than she writes about David Suzuki! And Rain with that coffee thing on his head was great. I felt bad for him, losing the greeter job to Sadie, but then he rocked at the end, so it was good.
  • Sadie gets a new job at the wow

    I loved this episode! I loved the whole Ben and Hal thing! And the way Hal kept talking about Ben about Sadie, and also when Hal told Ben that he comes up in Sadie's diary alot!!! Okay theres alot of things i liked in this episode. Like when Hal asked Ben what the deal was with him and Sadie, and Ben said they were friends, and they've been out, but they werent exactly dating, and that they were more like a work in progress. I like that he thinks they have potential! lol I also liked the fact that Ben was trying to look at Sadie's side of the attic, and Hal had to stop him. Yay! bens been in the attic! this might mean that he will go in the attic more often. i dont know why, but i whant ben to go in the attic when sadie's there... lol weird. i also liked that they addressed rain and sadies friendship, because that was something they were yet to do.