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  • "Nature" is a high-quality documentary series appealing to anyone with an interest in the natural world. New episodes are often punctuated by repeats, which is a good thing because there are many great episodes worth re-seeing.

    I grew up as a child watching "Nature" every Sunday night at 8 PM. The program gave me a deep and wonderful interest in wildlife and the natural world. This documentary series is not a children's program, however, and it is not a boring educational program either. "Nature" has something to offer to anyone interested in learning something new.
    The show has been running since October 10, 1982 (I'm not that old; I started watching it in the 90s) and is still going strong. The series is one of the most popular documentary series, and for good reason. Each episode has a different flavor thanks to different filmmakers and sponsors, but overall the program is well-made and engaging.
    Inevitably, of course, some gems shine brighter than others. Among my favorite episodes are "Australia's Little Assassins," which examines venomous animals in Australia, and "Hippo Beach," a humorous and revealing look at the life of hippos. The show primarily focuses on wildlife and ecosystems, but there have been wonderful episodes such as "Diamonds" that examine other aspects of the natural world.
    I do not watch "Nature" as much anymore simply because I am a lot busier, but every now and then when I have free time I catch a new episode. It was a joy then, and it is still very much a joy now. I recommend everyone to check out the season guide at the official website and tune in to an episode that looks interesting.
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