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Nature's Edge

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Nature's Edge is a television news program from ABC News, hosted by Bill Blakemore. Blakemore, a member of ABC News since 1970, is a respected news correspondent. He reported from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and covered Pope John Paul II's entire 27-year papacy as well as most major wars. Bringing his experience to Nature's Edge, Blakemore spearheads the news division's global warming stories with Nature's Edge and its focus on both humanity's effect on nature and the powerful forces of global warming. The show also uncovers the latest findings and discoveries that may lead to solutions for saving the planet and ensuring its sustainability for future generations. Notable segments include Jane Goodall's take on man versus the elements, why Pluto is not a planet and how a man used climate science medicine to survive a battle with cancer. Viewers will also discover what a "pingo" is, why some flowers are red and why climate is a women's issue.moreless

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