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Saturday 12:30 PM on NBA - National Basketball Association Premiered Oct 27, 1990 In Season





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  • Decent Show

    This show should be for a true basketball fan. It shows highlights of past games and some good plays. The last time I watched it, it showed a schedule for upcoming games on weekends. It's a good show. You can either watch this or the bottom line of Sportscenter on ESPN.
  • If you like nba, you'll like this show...

    This is a pretty good show for people that like NBA basketball. this show is about the nba players and about there lives outside the court. it gives you behind-the-scene information about what the players do in the locker room and what the coaches talk also shows some good highlights in the actual games. the only way I think you'll like this show is if you watch nba games.
  • As an avid fan of NBA Basketball - this show is a MUST see.

    I am so pleased that Ahmad Rashad, executive producer/host, continues to strive for excellence with this series. It always remains fresh and you always see players out of their element, which is cool. My only nit is that it's only a half an hour. I am sure that with all that the players, coaches, et al do on and off the court, the community service that NBA provides through NBA Cares and the fundamentals of basketball - I am sure they could fill an hour and keep the show as entertaining, innovative and fresh. Still. Many kudos from this NBA fan.