Season 3 Episode 11

Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers; Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on ESPN

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  • Bulls vs. Cavs

    I was only able to watch the first game and a little bit of the second game. Unfortunately, it looks like I missed a thrilling second game which featured Kobe Bryant hitting a game-winning shot at the buzzer. Somebody wants to win another MVP award it seems.

    The Bulls really need to make a trade. They just cannot score the basketball, and when you're facing Cleveland, you need to put up at least 100 to even have a shot at winning. Why didn't they try to and get Stephen Jackson from the Warriors? Waiting until summer 2010 is not the way to go when you have a team that could earn a playoff berth, but do much better with a little help.
  • Cavs win convincingly, and Kobe gets lucky.

    The two number one seeded teams from the years before won. Two teams that I would of rather seen lose. I didn't get to see any part of the games, but after watching a few highlights, I know how the games went. Cavaliers, although the score shows they had a big win, wasn't always like that. I was close into about midway through the third quarter or so until they finally pulled away. The Lakers had a lead most of the game, until clutch D-Wade hit some shots and put Miami in a position to beat the Lakers for the first time since 2004, until Kobe Bryant became Kobe Bryant, and shot and made the game-winning three-point field goal as time expired. The shot wasn't textbook: He was either fading away or jumping forwards, just trying to make the shot beat the buzzer. It was a great shot, in my opinion, but I also think he got kind of lucky. Too bad the Bulls lost, I perfer them over the Cavaliers. My dad is a native of Chicago, so we support the area's sports teams as well as Texan teams. The Heat beat my Mavericks in the Finals years ago, but I wished they would of won anyhow.