Season 3 Episode 43

NBA Quarterfinals 2010: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks; Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics; Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Day 1

    Day 1 of the NBA playoffs. Few days are as good as this every year. You see teams giving it everything they have got to get an early advantage in their series.

    Game 1 began with the Hawks running the Bucks out of the building. However, on that night Brandon Jennings was the best player on the floor and willed his team back into the game. Unfortunately, he got no help and Atlanta was able to secure the W after a late scare.

    Game 2 was the start of the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics series, a series that could be the best of the first round. On paper this looks like an easy Celtics win, but the Heat have some young players who are looking to prove that this is not just the Dwyane Wade show. I don't like Kevin Garnett's antics. He mouths off, he elbows and you saw it here tonight. I have a feeling this will not be the last brawl of the series.

    Game 3 saw good old fashioned Western Conference basketball as the Denver Nuggets routed the Utah Jazz. This could go 7 games, or the Nuggets could steal it in 4. It's that unpredictable.
  • In first day of the playoffs, Bucks take on Hawks, Heat take on Celtics, and Jazz take on Nuggets.

    Well a lot of blowouts today. There were, however, two games that stood out. Heat and Celtics, Jazz and Nuggets. Game 1: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks

    The result of this game is a no brainer if you keep with NBA news.

    Bucks played catch up for the bulk of the game. Brandon Jennings did his best, but it's too much for a rookie to do all the work, and not have much support to expect to beat the Hawks. The Bucks were also without star Andrew Bogut. A major factor in them not going far in this series. The star center was replaced by Kurt Thomas, but Thomas is way too old to be a starting center. He wasn't really much a factor here. I believe Skiles said that the best they expect out of him was eight points and maybe twelve rebounds. Thomas did get nine rebounds but only scored four. He was out hustled for the bulk of the game. Jerry Stackhouse is another veteran whose sadly best years are behind it. He should already be retired at this level.

    Hawks get an easy win.

    Game 2: Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics

    Now this game was a classic. Miami Heat and Wade gave Boston a big scare. At one point, Miami was up by twelve in the third. Then their shot selection took a dip then Boston took advantage. Miami needs to draw up plays for Jermaine Oneal. Jermaine still a couple of decent years left in him, but most of the shots he got were on the fly shots where he really didn't have much time to square up and look at the basket. Also Micheal Beasely whose supposed to be a beast and back up Wade was largely absent from the game winding up with only six or seven points and eight rebounds. Yikes. The Heat coach deserves part of the blame for them not winning. The should have come out of Boston up 1-0, and it was clear from Miami at the end that Wade was doing too much.

    Game 3: Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets

    Another competitive game. Amazing actually considering this Jazz team has two major stars out: Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur.

    Think of Lebron, Carmelo, or somebody of the caliber being out for the series then you realize how bad this Jazz team is. Despite the injuries, the Jazz showed true heart competiting with the Nuggets, who really should have wiped the floor with them with this advantage, till the fourth.

    Mehmet started playing for the first quarter but then left the game with an achilles injury and never returned. Carlos Boozer, Darren Williams, Kofur, Millsap all had a great game overall. However, by the fourth things started to fall.

    Carlos himself was also playing hurt. The Jazz made a couple of terrible turnovers, and instead of diagramming more post up moves, relied too much on the perimeter.

    With that said a valiant effort. I was impressed with the Nuggets. I mean they should have wiped the floor with the Jazz. However, the Jazz showed heart overplayed them. You could only imagine how different this series would be with Andrei and Mehmet in full strength.
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